Gemini 2022 Horoscope

May 20, 2022
2022 Gemini Astrology Forecast

Think of the perfect day in early summer. The crops are growing, newborn animals are playing, and hope fills the air. It’s that hopeful innocence that fuels Gemini season -- Nature’s desire for new experiences and fresh perspectives.

Such a lovely image! Still, this year you might hear a “Yes, but….” hanging in the air. That’s because as the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20, Mercury takes over as its planetary landlord. Mercury’s also in Gemini, but heading in reverse. 

What does that mean for all of us? Likely a sense that, even if things seem to be going well, there’s a vague feeling we’re waiting for yet another shoe to drop.

But the good news? When the Sun is in Gemini, we’re offered a chance to clear our doors of perception. So often what we experience is filtered through our fears, doubts and attachments, that we don’t see the world as it actually is. Fortunately, when Mercury is retrograde, it’s slowed down enough that we might be a little more cautious about jumping to conclusions. If we’re willing to pause and consider.

And, it seems the cosmic welcome wagon is eager to greet the Sun as it moves into Mercury’s neighborhood. Jupiter, fiery and extroverted in Aries, shows up with an offer to help out with the move-in chores. At the same time, the Aquarian Moon shows up for small talk and to dish about the latest gossip.

Life goes on. We can give into our fears and anxieties, or deal with what is right in front of us. And what is, usually isn’t as bad as we imagine it to be.

The biggest news of Gemini season is the matchup of energetic Mars with optimistic Jupiter in Aries on May 29. This is classic fuel for entrepreneurs, activists and risk-takers of all kinds -- the urge to take action married to the faith that anything is possible (and nothing will go wrong). It’s hopeful, but also reckless when taken to extremes.

In fact, it may turn out that we’re grateful for that Mercury retrograde after all, adding a little caution to the wind. And, perhaps not so coincidentally, just as the Mercury retrograde ends on June 3, he’s passing the responsibility torch to Saturn, whose own retrograde begins June 4. When we need a little slow-down, sometimes the cosmos provides.

The May 30 Gemini New Moon is nice and quiet. The New Moon’s ruler Mercury has retrograded back into placid Taurus, where he’s more willing to just do the Work. Plus, the Moon’s not making any aspects of its own; again, no distractions.

Things are looking good at the June 14 Sagittarius Full Moon, if we let our better angels win the day (which is especially fortunate, since this Moon is this year's largest Supermoon, and it’s influences may be similarly super-sized.)

The Sagittarius Full Moon’s landlord Jupiter is in Aries, turning Luna’s wanderlust into action. The Sun and Moon are also nicely balanced between aspects with serious Saturn and dreamy Neptune; things are not too hard or too soft. In fact, every visible planet (except the Moon) has some essential dignity, a very rare thing to see. That’s astrology speak for better-than-expected outcomes

So, why is it so hard to believe? Perhaps the news has seemed so bad, for so long, we are all walking around in a hypervigilant state of fear and paranoia. And yes, there are real, difficult challenges to be faced in the world. But, rarely do anxieties generated from living in the past or the future make facing any challenge easier.

That may be the biggest lesson of this Gemini season. Slow down and challenge your preconceived notions. Question if your perceptions are true before you take action. You may find you can breathe easier when you stop allowing your thoughts to make life harder than it needs to be.

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