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Donna Philosophica's School of Magic & Mastery will release a minimum of one course per quarter, or four each year.


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Upcoming Courses in 2019-2020 School Year

Take one, some or all of them. The Coven serves as your Live Q&A for all Courses.

Introduction to Divination

8-week online training

To be released Nov. 1, 2019

Regular Price: $374

Coven Price: $247

(You save $127, or 33%)

Introduction to Theurgy

8-week online training

To be released Feb. 1, 2020

Regular Price: $374

Coven Price: $247

(You save $127, or 33%)

Introduction to Magic

8-week online training

To be released May 1, 2020

Regular Price: $374

Coven Price: $247

(You save $127, or 33%)

Introduction to Alchemy

8-week online training

To be released Aug. 1, 2020

Regular Price: $374

Coven Price: $247

(You save $127, or 33%)

Total Coven Member Savings on all 2019-2020 Courses = $508

A full year of Coven membership is only $444, so you save more than you pay in membership.

Meet Donna Woodwell

Astrologer, Magician, Master Teacher, and Headmistress of the School of Magic & Mastery, Donna's led an enchanted life. She shares her story in her own words...

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You deserve a community with which to grow your magical practice and receive the support you need to follow your chosen path. The Coven is where you'll find...

Every month Donna will release a new forecast based on astrology, tarot, and other forms of divination to help you get an idea of what the new cycle has in store while also showing you how to work with divination in a practical way. 

Facebook Watch Parties are scheduled throughout the week so you can meet and support each other while you learn about the upcoming energetic shifts.

Or, review on your own in Facebook or the membership site.

Each month Donna will release a new lesson with practical applications – in other words, a practicum. Topics are seasonal and include divination, theurgy, magic, and alchemy. Click here for a complete list.

Donna loves to answer student's questions! We will collect your questions during the month and answer them and other questions live. 

Don't worry if you can't attend live...

Facebook Watch Parties are scheduled throughout the week so you can discuss and share tips with your Coven community.

At the end of the month, all questions and answers will be added to a PDF and stored in the Coven Question Vault in your members-only area along with live recording.

The living heart of the Coven! Every month Donna will lead a live ceremony or release a guided meditation for you to create a ceremony on your own. 

Facebook Watch Parties will be scheduled throughout the week so you can meet with your Coven family to celebrate at a time that fits best with your schedules.

As a Coven member, you will receive a 33% discount on all courses released by Donna Philosophica's School of Magic & Mastery.

In the 2019-2020 school year, at least one new 8-week course will be released each quarter. 

A magical gathering space to support and inspire you on your journey.

The Coven community will gather on Facebook. This will be a safe space for all members of the Coven to meet and share their intentions, questions, and adventures.

We highly encourage you jump in and fully engage with the community as you experiment with the weekly lessons and ceremonies. The group witchy mind may inspire you!

However, if you do not want to engage on Facebook, that's okay! You'll still receive links for live Zoom broadcasts, and all recordings will be available for you in the Coven's members-only area.

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We understand how difficult it can be to maintain a magical world view and devote time to your practice without the support of community and the guidance of an experienced mentor. If you've always known there was something more, the Coven is what you've been looking for.

"Donna's lessons are taught with passion, tongue in cheek philosophy yet pragmatic, sensible and down to earth. "

"I pestered Donna with thousand and one questions and she always answered them. Sometimes in a straight-forward manner other times with a long story like the ancients used to do. Looking back meeting Donna, was a huge turning point in both my personal and professional life. "

Hilaria S.

"Her wealth of esoteric knowledge and wisdom allows her to build a multi-layered course that is both simplistic and deep. She is fun to engage with as she shares her passion with her students who she truly cares about."

Denise E.

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