What if each night became a new Magical Adventure?

Dreams are more than just distractions. They are your Soul's way of reconnecting to your Divine heritage. There's no faster way to fill your life with Magic than learning how to embrace Sleep as Sacred.

Want to learn how? Then join me for...

Dream Spells

Magical Sleep Adventures

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Turn Sleep into a Spiritual Practice.

Join Donna Woodwell, the witchy headmistress of the School of Magic & Mastery, for a unique experiential course, featuring everything you need to create your own Magical dream practice.

What's included in the Dream Spells Adventure?

Discover essential shamanic techniques for recalling and navigating your dreams via easy-to-watch YouTube videos

Walk between the worlds with your dream guides in weekly ceremonial mediations in the private Magic School Courtyard

Learn to create your own dream temple, craft dream talismans & more with Dream Spell pages

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Your Map to the Dreamtime

Dream Spell lessons will be released on Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays via YouTube. (Subscribe to the Magic & Mastery channel if you would like instant notifications sent to you.) Lessons include:

What is a Dream?
Tips for Remembering Your Dreams
How to Choose a Dream Journal
What to Include in a Dream Journal
How to Prepare for Sacred Sleep
How Sleep Cycles Work
Sustaining Your Sleep Habit
How Dreams Can Answer Your Questions
How to Create a Dream Talisman
How to Face Your Nightmares
Navigating the Dreamtime
How to Re-Enter a Dream
Tips for Lucid Dreaming

When You Join the Dream Spell experience, you’ll also receive invitations to join our weekly ceremonial encounters. These are held live on Fridays at 9 p.m. EDT, or you can watch the replay on your own schedule. The ceremonies include:

Your Initiation to the Dreamtime
Dream Memory Meditation
Build Your Dream Temple
Meet Your Dream Guide
Becoming a Shaman

You will also receive weekly handouts & spells to build your own Dream Spell resource guide via email each Friday, once you sign up for the course. Resources include:

A Sample Dream Journal Record Template
How to Create a Dream Talisman
A Spell for Dispelling Nightmares
Tips for Incubating a Dream

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