Would you love to maximize the Jupiter-Saturn 'Great Conjunction' but don't know how?

The Great Conjunction Guidebook is the comprehensive -- but easy to understand -- guide you've been looking for! With it you can quickly tap into the energy, and create personalized rituals you can use during the Great Conjunction and throughout 2021.

If you could feel confident in working with this cosmic event, would you do it?

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Hey there, I’m Donna.

I’ve been called a witch, a shaman, and a Hermetic Initiate. And I’m also in love with the Stars.

Back when I was just getting started in my magical studies, I thought astrology was a lifeless curiosity, fun but not terribly potent or useful.  How wrong I was!

Today I realize I’d just inherited a fractured worldview. One in which magic was banished from the mainstream, and astrology divorced from magic.

It took me years to re-weave the pieces for myself, and recover a new, holistic vision. 

Now I can show you how you can, too, starting with the Great Conjunction.

Introducing Great Conjunction Magic

Great Conjunction

Easily understand the significance of the of the Great Conjunction, no additional research needed

Great Conjunction

Use planetary rituals to work with the energy, even if you've never done a ritual before.


Great Conjunction

A workbook that makes it easy to get started, and know exactly how the energy is most likely to manifest in your own life.

“Finding this came at just the right time, a way to connect my love for astrology, shamanism and embodiment experiential work. A way to take astrology from the flat computer sceen and really love it!” - Sonja

Yes, You Can Do It!

The Great Conjunction Guidebook & Workbook will work for anyone. Pagan, witch, astrologer, spiritually curious, priestess, seeker, Christian, Jew, Hermetic practitioner, shaman, or basically any human.

You've probably heard lots of astrologers talk about the Great Conunction, but how many have given you practical information you can use for yourself? I've got you covered. 

Better yet, if you're looking for something that will take you beyond the limits of reading books, attending classes, and following magic workers online, and allow you to tap into the energy for yourself,  I've got you more than covered.

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Inside the Great Conjunction Guidebook

‘Christmas Star’ to form on Solstice’ read the headlines.

It’s rare to see astrology making muggle news, but that’s exactly what the 2020 Great Conjunction is doing.

You’ll find the real story behind the Great Conjunction – and how you can use it to make magic in your life – in the Great Conjunction Guidebook.

No astrology or magic experience required!


“Donna stretches her perceptions beyond the borders of time and space. She takes what they call in the tribe an “eagle’s eye view” and such vision is tremendously powerful. It is because of the extensive scope you can benefit no matter who you are or where you might be on the planet.” - Eileen

Here's what you'll receive inside Great Conjunction Magic

  • Exactly what a Great Conjunction is, and why everyone is all in a tizzy over this one.
  • The significance of Jupiter and Saturn meeting up in Aquarius (for the first time in 800 years!)
  • The magical meanings of Jupiter and Saturn and how they work together
  • Why a Great Conjunction in Aquarius so special, and what is meant by the Age of Aquarius.
  • Rituals for the Great Conjunction that you can use during OR after the main event.
  • A workbook for figuring out what the Great Conjunction may mean for you -- including what it means for your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs
  • A list of all the best times in 2021 to perform your Great Conjunction follow-up rituals

Inside the Great Conjunction Workbook

I wanted you to have something practical you could use to personalize the Great Conjunction for yourself.

So, I've written about how you may experience the Great Conjunct from the point of view of your Rising Sign, Sun Sign, and Moon Sign.

If you don't know how to find that information, you can always just use your Sun sign. Or, if you know the time and place you were born you can use the instructions at the end of the workbook to find all three.

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“Donna describes the planetary energies in a way that both my linear and non-linear mind could understand.  This class brought me closer in tune with the ancient planets. I heartily recommend this training for everyone, from astrologer to pagan and all those in-between." - Kimberly

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