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Secrets of Moon Magic

Are you anxious, stressed, and exhausted all the time? Do you despair that you’re so burned out you’ll never regain your sense of balance?

Believe it or not, getting to know the Moon can change your life.

That’s because the Moon reveals what it means to align with life’s natural rhythms. And, if you’ll let her, she will lead you to the healing wisdom stored deep within yourself.

In other words, the Moon will unlock your Magic.

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The Book of Shadows Secret

Whether you've been practicing since birth or are just becoming curious about crafting a spiritual practice - the Book of Shadows Secret is for you. Creating your own Book of Shadows subtly shifts how you see yourself. It helps you stop chasing the next shiny information fix, and leads to gracefully accepting where you are, intentionally planning out where you want to be, and learning to ask Spirit for help along the way.

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The Coven Membership

Each week we release something new to support your magical quest. The Divinations give you an overview of the month’s cosmic energies, Ceremonies root your actions in Spirit, Practicums teach you new magical techniques, and the Coaching Q&A helps you to integrate all your learnings.

PLUS unlock a 33% discount to all of the courses listed below.

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Planetary Magic 

Planetary Magic isn’t an astrology course in the way you might think of astrology.

You’ll connect with planets and stars in magical -- and very personal -- ways.

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Magic of Tarot

The Magic of Tarot is a comprehensive course created to help you connect with the cards more deeply so you can read them more intuitively and confidently.

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