Have a Magical New Moon!

Find your flow. Walk in balance. Feed your soul.

All this (and more!) is possible when you begin to follow the Moon. Her gentle rhythms are the best teacher for unlocking your inner wisdom. Life with less struggle, who doesn’t want that?
Join Donna Woodwell, the witchy headmistress of the School of Magic & Mastery, for Have a Magical New Moon.
The 60-minute celebration features everything you need to begin your own magical Moon practice, including:
  • A quick look at the astrological blueprint of the upcoming new Moon
  • Suggestions for spells, rituals & ceremonies you can do to make the most of the upcoming “moonth” planetary energies
  • A special Have a Magical New Moon workbook, so you can personalize your own lunar rituals & spells
  • A guided meditation Moon ceremony to celebrate your sacred lunar connection

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Access to the replay until the following Full Moon!










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What members are saying...

"I feel transformed into peace... have not felt this in a very, very long time. Again, thank you!" 

Susan  A.H.

“The quality is graduate level, multilayered, and thought provoking. My little school girl inner voice is like... get on it!"

Cheri C.

"The workbook was very helpful helping me zero in on what to focus on.  Cool Beans!