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Planetary Magic 1 & II Package

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Planetary Magic 1 is a comprehensive 12-week  course created to help you connect with the planets as guiding spirits, and work with them directly on that level more easily & intuitively.

What you'll get:

  • A framework for understanding astrology that is fast and easily accessible for anyone to begin using immediately
  • Video & audio recordings of each lesson
  • Study guides for each lesson
  • Guided encounters
  • Planetary Rituals
  • A deeper understanding of the science, myth, astrology and magic of the planets

Planetary Magic 2 is a 12-week introduction to astrology charts, through the lens of using astrology for magical rituals and divination. 

Specifically, by the end of the course you’ll:

  • Understand how astrology charts are a reflection of the movements in the sky
  • Deeply internalize astrology’s primary archetypes and their symbolic meanings
  • Learn how to use astrology charts to find auspicious times to take action
  • Learn how to use astrology charts as a divination tool for answering simple questions
  • Be able to create your own magical talismans to capture and shift astrological energies

What you'll get:

♦️ A framework for understanding Planetary Magic

♦️ Video & Audio recordings for each lesson

♦️ Study Guides

♦️ Quick Reference Sheets

♦️ Workbooks, quizzes, and more

♦️ BONUS just added: 12 Weeks of Live Q&A with Donna - ask all of your astrology questions!

In Planetary Magic II, we divide our time equally between learning the elements of astrology, and practical examples of how these elements are used to interpret astrology charts. 

Here’s the week by week breakdown of course material:

  • Lesson 1: A Brief History of Astrology
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Planets
  • Lesson 3: Understanding Zodiac Signs
  • Lesson 4: Understanding Houses
  • Lesson 5: Applied Electional Astrology, Part 1
  • Lesson 6 Applied Horary Astrology, Part 1
  • Lesson 7: Understanding Dignities, Part 1
  • Lesson 8: Understanding Dignities, Part 2
  • Lesson 9: Understanding Aspects
  • Lesson 10: Applied Electional Astrology, Part 2
  • Lesson 11: Applied Horary Astrology, Part 2
  • Lesson 12: How to Discover your Planetary Guardian Angel

What People Are Saying:

Finding this course came at just the right time, a way to connect my love for astrology, shamanism and embodiment experiential work. A way to take astrology from the flat computer sceen and really love it!


Before going through this journey on the Planets with Donna, if you asked me about any planet, I would have had to refer to my notes. Now I can answer from my own experience.


Donna describes the planetary energies in a way that both my linear and non-linear mind could understand. This class brought me closer in tune with the ancient planets. I heartily recommend this training for everyone, from astrologer to pagan and all those in-between.


Donna stretches her perceptions beyond the borders of time and space. She takes what they call in the tribe an “eagle’s eye view” and such vision is tremendously powerful. It is because of the extensive scope you can benefit no matter who you are or where you might be on the planet.