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The Magic of Qabala will empower your spellcasting, refine your astrology, and illuminate your Tarot practice. Heck, you’ll even improve your life, by having the tools and spiritual allies you need to create your world.

Specifically, during this course you will:

  • Explore a brief history of Qabala, Hermetic philosophy, and the Tree of Life
  • Discover hidden correspondences between Western Magic’s sacred symbols
  • Learn practical qabalistic techniques and supercharge your astrological, magical or Tarot practice
  • Walk the secret pathways of your own psychic landscape & deepen your self-understanding

What you'll get:

♦️ A Framework for understanding Qabala that is fast and easily accessible for anyone to begin using immediately.

♦️ Video & Audio Recordings so you can stream each lesson on your computer or mobile device, or listen on the go by downloading the audio or accessing it on the app

♦️ Enchanted study guides to make it easier for you to quickly reference key points and take notes as you follow along

♦️ Workbooks to help you integrate what you are learning, so you can build your skills to practice on your own

♦️ Weekly office hours to ask Donna questions

The Magic of Qabala is more than a course -- it’s a 12-week self-actualization retreat.

Here’s the week by week breakdown of course material:

Part 1 In the Beginning

Get your Qabala journey off to a great start. Explore the Qabala’s rich history, as well as the Hermetic philosophy that inspired witches and wizards to see the Tree of Life as a central metaphor for Western Magic. Also includes the course overview, introductions to the Hebrew alphabet, tips for using your active imagination and more.

  • Lesson 1 Qabala: A Theory of Everything

Part 2 Sephiroth, Lights from Within

Sephiroth means Divine Emanation. Today’s New-Age shorthand calls them Dimensions. By exploring the stages between the Oneness of all things and the infinite diversity of our manifest world you’ll discover a map for doing Magic, and for finding your way Home.

  • Lesson 2 The Realm of Atziluth
  • Lesson 3 The Realm of Briah
  • Lesson 4 The Realm of Yetzirah
  • Lesson 5 The Realm of Assiah

Part 3: Pathworking, Climbing the Sacred Ladder

Time for the real work to begin. The Great Work of self-transformation. Together we’ll work with Qabala and Tarot images to climb the sacred stairway to heaven. As you experience each Path, you may even discover deep and hidden truths about the interior landscape of your own soul. Are you ready?

  • Lesson 6 Pathways of the Persona
  • Lesson 7: Pathways of the Higher Self
  • Lesson 8 Pathways of the Divine Self

Part 4: Applied Qabala

Yes, the Tree of Life is an elegant contemplation tool. But why stop there? Put the wisdom of Qabala to work for you in your Tarot, Astrology, and your Magical studies. Featuring Qabalistic Tarot spreads, examples of astrological remedies, numerology, magic squares and more.

  • Lesson 9 Qabala & Tarot
  • Lesson 10 Qabala & Astrology
  • Lesson 11 Qabala & Magic

Part 5: Journey’s End

Sure, all good things come to an end, but endings are also new beginnings. Our final session together includes an overview of what you learned, tips for deepening your relationship with your Holy Guardian Angel, and ideas for your next great adventure.

  • Lesson 12 The Never-Ending Story


What People Are Saying:

The course materials are tops! I love the magic ink and the worksheets -- both aesthetically and as a valuable tool -- I sincerely appreciate your time, effort, and attention-to-detail at every step.


The overall value, for me, is well worth the investment, but the specificity in terms of content and presentation exponentially increases the value of the entire course.


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