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Moon Magic Book of Spells

64 spells for all occasions 


  • Manifesting Love
  • Manifesting Wealth
  • Protection 
  • or just improving your own attitude toward life
  • and so much more

Moon spells are actions that require spell ingredients that represent your intentions or desired goals. Rituals are more internal acts of Magic. These meditations and visualizations are something you can do inside your own mind.

These spells are designed to be used during the times specified. However, Magic is ultimately a personal experience. If your intuition says use a spell, then use it. Even if the timing isn’t exactly what’s listed in a spell book, it may be the perfect time for you.

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Secrets of Moon Magic

Are you ready to dance with the Moon?

What you'll get:

🌙 A framework for understanding the Moon
🌙 Video & Audio recordings for each lesson
🌙 Study Guides
🌙 Supplementary Worksheets
🌙 Rituals and guided ceremonies for working with the Moon