2023 Magical Almanac

A new year brings new opportunities to create the life you’ve always wanted. There’s no better companion on your annual adventure than my 2023 Magical Almanac.

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The epic 48-page full-color guide will help you:

  • Explore the year’s Main Events: Pluto enters Aquarius, Saturn enters Pisces & Jupiter enters Taurus
  • Investigate the hidden life of Eclipse seasons ruled by Mars & Venus
  • Learn how to navigate Mercury, Venus, Mars & outer planet retrogrades
  • Understand what to expect from out-of-bounds Mercury, Venus & Mars, plus Major Lunar Standstill
  • Review the Almanac listing of all New and Full Moons of 2023
  • And even more secrets revealed in a glimpse ahead of the Road to 2026

Plus 3 rituals to ground the special energies of 2023 in your own life:

  • The Empty Cup Ritual
  • Ritual Bath for Dissolution
  • A Liberation Ritual

(If you prefer to print your Magical Almanac, we also include a printer friendly version, just for you.)