Magic & Mastery with Donna Woodwell

Magic and Mastery is the podcast for you if you sense there’s Magic all around you -- and you want more of it! You want to know what it is, how it works, and how to cultivate it to support your life’s journey.

Each week, join Donna Woodwell as she explores the crossroads of science, magic, philosophy, astrology, and culture.

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Podcast Episodes

Stepping off the Garden Path

Episode 001

(Vol. 1 Ch. 0)

Step Off the Garden Path

Magic & Mastery Vol 1 Ep 1

Episode 002

(Vol. 1 Ch. 1)

Creativity at the Crossroads

Magic & Mastery Vol 1 Ep 2

Episode 003

(Vol. 1 Ch. 2)

Veil of Isis

Stepping off the Garden Path

Episode 004

Remake Your Life

During The Pandemic

Magic & Mastery Vol 1 Ep 1

Episode 005

Life Beyond the Horoscope:

Taurus Season 2020

Magic & Mastery Vol 1 Ep 2

Episode 006

 Life beyond the Horoscope: 

Swallow the Sun

Stepping off the Garden Path

Episode 007


The Shadow Knows

Magic & Mastery Vol 1 Ep 1

Episode 008


Tarot & Shadows

Magic & Mastery Vol 1 Ep 2

Episode 009


Coming Soon

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Donna Woodwell

Astrologer, Magician, Master Teacher, Author, and Headmistress of Donna Philosophica's School of Magic & Mastery, Donna's led an enchanted life.

She shares her story in her own words...

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Just WOW!!! This is so well made. The content was above expectation, organized, easy to follow and understand and exciting! Well done, Donna. You have the perfect voice for podcasts!

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I’m very much enjoying your esoteric intertwining of the ethereal and mundane, and how fast paced and info packed your talks are; you communicate the message with fluidity and in a manner that can be heard at multiple levels of complexity.

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Oh Donna, you’ve done it again -- and so well! LOVED it!! The info, the sequencing, the flow -- your toned-down, VERY soothing, yet inspired voice -- all combined for a powerful journey.

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