Would you love a guide who’s available 24/7? 

One who can answer the questions that keep you up at night?

Of course, you would! And there's no better magical guide than a Tarot deck once you understand its secrets.  

If you could finally stop relying on other people for spiritual guidance and start talking directly with Spirit for yourself via your own Tarot deck -- would you?

Yes, Absolutely!
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Hey there, I’m Donna.

You know, I wish someone had explained Tarot to me when I began on my spiritual journey. Instead, it took me a decade to figure out how it fit into my Magical practices. 

Now I realize I lacked context for what I was looking at. I had picked up one of the hundreds of modern decks that don’t really dive into the big picture of what Tarot is. I gave my deck away...

It wasn’t until several years into my metaphysical studies that I considered Tarot again. But the second time I tried, I understood instantly what it was.

And then my first thought was: “Why didn’t somebody tell me? I could have started my magical studies with this!"

Now I can reveal Tarot’s secrets to you, so you don’t have to miss out on the Magic.

Introducing the Magic of Tarot

The Magic of Tarot is a comprehensive course created to help you connect deeply with the cards so you can read them intuitively & confidently. What more could you ask for?


Develop the confidence to trust yourself so that using the cards to find answers is more intuitive and magical.


Gain a deeper understanding of Tarot so that you can converse fluently with the cards, even if you've never picked up a Tarot deck before.


Get the help you need to build a Tarot practice that's flexible enough to work with any deck based on traditional Tarot archetypes.

What is Tarot?

Renaissance artists designed the first Tarot decks as a beautiful card game for Italian noble familes.

What makes Tarot different from ordinary playing cards is the mysterious fifth trump suit, now called the Major Arcana.

Major Arcana means:

Big Secret Understood by Few

But you don't have to be left out of the mystery.

 By knowing the secret magical roots of Tarot, you'll not only master this brilliant divination tool, you'll also understand its ancient wisdom for living a creative and empowered life. 

Since their creation, Tarot has evolved into a symbol map of a journey toward enlightenment.

And when you understand the terrain, you can set aside the "little white book." You can read the cards fluently & effortlessly.

Yes, it really is possible.

Are you ready to go beyond parroting what others have to say about the Tarot and fully step into the Magic of Tarot?

I want to take the Tarot Journey!

The Magic of Tarot is for You

If you’re looking for a creative problem-solving tool, Tarot can help you find practical solutions to everyday challenges & unlock your unique genius. 

If you’re looking for a way to connect to the divine spark within you, Tarot can teach you how to align & commune with your inner wisdom. 

If you’re looking to understand the hidden powers of Magic, Tarot is the symbolic shorthand for Qabala, /astrology, Alchemy & more.

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Inside the Magic of Tarot

I'm going back to the heart of Tarot and its magical roots.  

I'm sharing with you the very foundations of building an intuitive and magical Tarot practice.

And I'm doing this right now because it really is one of the most accessible paths to divination.

I want you to explore and converse with the cards.

And you 100% can...

If you make a commitment to yourself to really get to know each card individually.

Testimonial Quotes

Aly G.

"Thank you, Donna, for another fantastic course! Magic of Tarot is truly a well-rounded, and in-depth course, but does so in a way that is well-paced to prevent overwhelm. The way the path is laid out balances both logic and intuition with history, and the practical aspects as Tarot is significant in many spheres (Astrology, Kabbalah, Numerology, etc.) Well worth the investment!"

Here's what you'll learn inside the 16-Week Magic of Tarot Course

The Empress

Journey through the Major Arcana

These 22 cards follow the Fool on the journey to find enlightenment. When you understand the path, you'll also understand your own.

The Lovers

Understand Minor Arcana

Ancient symbols of alchemy, Qabala, numerology & more are woven through the four suits & the Tarot Court Cards. Understand them & Tarot's hidden meanings become clear.

The Emperor

Read the cards for yourself & others

Tarot is a practical tool for connecting to your inner wisdom. Learn to use them to tell a story, and the answers you seek will be revealed.


Design your own Tarot Rituals

When you combine Magic with Tarot, you'll discover the cards are much more than a divination tool, they are guideposts for manifesting your desires.

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Plus More Tarot Magic

  • Explore the rich history of Tarot
  • Learn to create your own spreads
  • Encounter card archetypes through guided visualization
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Alfia L.

“I am a complete novice to Tarot and happy to experience the beginner's mind. I am enjoying each minute of your course! Thank you for bringing it in the context of history, alchemy and astrology.”

What you get with your Magic of Tarot Course

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A Framework

for understanding the Tarot that is fast & easily accessible for anyone to begin using the cards immediately.

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Video & Audio Trainings

Stream each lesson on your computer or mobile device, or listen on the go by downloading the audio or accessing it on the app.

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Study Guides

Download enchanted study materials to make it easier for you to take notes as you follow along & quickly reference key points.

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Weekly Assignments

Weekly suggestions for visualizations, rituals & other activities to experience the living magic of Tarot.

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Major Arcana Rituals

Rituals, incantations & blessings to deepen your connection to Tarot archetypes.

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Live Magical Office Hours

Stop by Donna's weekly office hours and ask any questions that come up along the way, so you can deepen your practice.

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Jan J.

“I have been working through the Tarot spreads and have been amazed at how incredibly clear the messages are. The class on Spreads, on how to craft a question and what kind of questions and how the tarot answers with a ‘story’ are amazingly on point. This is just magical!”

Who is the Magic of Tarot for?

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Tarot Curious

You're just getting started in your magical studies or you're Tarot curious.

Experienced Tarot Readers

You've been reading Tarot for years, but want to add a deeper understanding of the cards and their magical history & symbols to your readings.

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Pagans, Shamans & Magical Practitioners

You've already got a magical practice, but want to tap into the symbolism of Tarot, Alchemy, Qabala and more to add power to your spells and rituals.

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“Thank you so much! Of course you always deliver 200% and infinite love! ... Great way to get started on NEW musings about these Tarot cards I've loved and learned from for almost 30 years! ❣️♥️

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The Magic of Tarot includes everything you need to read Tarot confidently and to make your life more Magical.

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♦️  A framework for understanding how to use Tarot in your magical practice

♦️Video & Audio Recordings so you can stream each lesson where & when it's convenient for you

♦️Study Guides for each lesson to help you remember & integrate what you've learned

♦️ Quick Reference Guides & other handy worksheets

♦️Practice homework & meditations to help deepen & integrate your Tarot experience

♦️ Live weekly Q&A sessions to process what you have learned

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$325 one-time payment
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♦️ Everything listed for non-Coven members


♦️ Immediate access to more than 75 hours of Magical Training Videos

♦️ Live divinations, spells & guided meditations for the New & Full Moons, Sun tides & other witchy celebrations

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♦️ A Vibrant Community to share the journey with

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Frequently Asked Questions

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“There so much in this course! The examples of the spreads are so real and practical and described I could take in. I feel like I could have a go at reading for myself. I am very grateful!"

I need this now!