Podcast Show Notes, Episode 006

Jun 23, 2020


Swallow the Sun

Astrology for July 2020

Release Date:  June 23, 2020

Length:  17:37

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Humanity's going into labor; what you're feeling are the first birth pangs. In this episode I talk about what you can expect on a personal -- and collective -- level as we continue through this shadowy eclipse season. If you're looking for something you can do, there's even a Shadow Work experiment you can try out for yourself. 


2:15 Swallow the Sun: Sun in Cancer

4:24 To the Barricades: Mars & Saturn

6:30 Finding Light in Shadow: Jupiter & Pluto

9:41 Happy Birthday, America: July 4th Eclipse

13:12 Experiment: Shadow Work for Engaging with Fear 

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 Shadow Work: Exploring Fear Worksheet

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