Do you want to unlock the Magic inside you?

You know there's Magic all around you, but maybe you aren't sure how to tap into it. Or perhaps you've been practicing on your own, but sense there's way more to learn...

If you want to unleash your own Magical potential, you've got to stop dabbling & start doing.

Are you ready to co-create with the cosmos & embrace powerful, positive Magic that works?


Introducing the Magic & Mastery Coven

The Coven includes everything you need to build your own Magical PRACTICE.

Inspiration to live your most-magical Life, 24/7
A Structured approach to Learning with a master Magical coach
A Focus on Experiments & other Experiences to help you find your Own Style
A Supportive, Heart-centered Community of like-minded Seekers
I need this NOW!

Choose Your Own Magical Adventure.

Witch, Seer, Priestess, Alchemist, Mage? 

Whatever you're destined to become, you'll be well provisioned for your Quest when you join The Coven, the heart of Magic & Mastery. Each Pathway features more than 15 hours of video, audio, study guides & experiential exercises - that’s over 75 hours of training!

Take a Tour & See the Curriculum
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Way of the Mage

Do you burn to manifest your dreams? Would you dare to borrow fire from the gods to co-create your world? Then the Way of the Mage is for you. Make your own Magic spells & rituals with stones, plants, sigils, candles, bundles, cords, spirit allies & more.

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Way of the Seer

They say knowledge is power. It’s also the road to self-understanding, meaning & purpose. If you yearn to know, then the Way of the Seer is for you. Seek deeper wisdom with pendulums, runes, mirrors, tea leaves, cards, stars, palms & more.

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Way of the Priest/ess

Do you hear Spirit whispers? Or seek to reunite with the Divine spark within you? Then the Way of the Priest/ess is for you. Embrace your Spirit connection in dreams, energy work, channeling, totem allies, rituals & more to be of service to all.

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Way of the Alchemist

The Alchemist transmutes the dark, shadowy bits into Spiritual gold. If self-transformation is what you seek, the Way of the Alchemist is for you. Dissolve and reunite -- see how the 7 steps of alchemical transformation work inside you. 

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"The Coven will help you release so many fears that you may have had and/or been taught by society about things like magic, astrology, and all things spiritual. You will NOT EVER find a better mentor, instructor, teacher, (however you’d like to refer to our) Witchy Coven Goddess Donna. She is the BEST of the BEST!"

Meet Your Guide, Donna Woodwell.

Astrologer, Magician, Master Teacher, Author, & Headmistress of Donna Philosophica's School of Magic & Mastery, Donna's led an enchanted life.

She shares her story in her own words...

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"Donna is an amazing teacher, learning anything from her is a treat! You won't regret joining this adventure."

Who is the Coven for?

The Magic & Mastery Coven can meet you wherever you are on your magical journey.

A cherry tree in bloom, with a woman looking to a cosmic eye in the sky

Magical Curious

You’ve always wanted to get started on your magical adventure, but there’s so much information out there you don’t know where to begin, or what’s good or useful. The Coven’s got a complete framework for all your studies.

Solo Explorers

You’ve been studying all you can find on magic, but it seems disjointed. Though you like doing your own thing, you still yearn for a more systematic approach, for a guide who can answer questions, or occasional companions on the journey.

A cloaked figure walking through a temple
Candles, a key & magical books

Experienced Practitioners

You already have extensive magical experience, but you know there’s always more to learn. You’re looking for new perspectives & tools, and a deeper understanding of the theory behind the Great Work. And you’d like to share what you’ve learned with travelling companions.

This is ME! Sign me up!
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Cheri C.

"I love the evolving process, Donna… you are always looking for ways to improve and clarify. I have nearly been through everything once, now I need to go back through and play with it all again. Everyday I read or listen and stretch my mind with your techniques. I am still evolving as well!"



See What’s Inside the Coven for Yourself

Join Donna on a quick tour of what’s waiting for you inside the Sacred Grove.

  • 75+ hours of training, with study guides and exercises
  • 50+ guided ceremonial meditations
  • Weekly Live guided ceremonial meditations and an archive of past ceremonies
  • A private Coven online community space
  • 33% discounts on all of Magic School's 12-week courses
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Aly G.

"I highly recommend Coven membership. There’s a structure and a freedom in the Coven that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It’s better than the “daily cup of coffee” analogy and is far more beneficial than anything I’ve ever participated in subscription-wise. I’m here more than I am on streaming services."

Master Yourself

Magic is more than book learning -- you learn by experience consciously examined. All of our programs are designed to help you develop the skills to go deeper. To know yourself, & to master yourself.

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Explore Inner Worlds

Discover your own shamanic & magical potential by embracing your active imagination. Visit the Coven’s astral temple, tune into healing meditations, explore Zodiac signs & more in 50+ 30-minute guided meditation journeys in the ceremonial archive.

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Ask Questions

A Beginner's Mind is the royal road to the wisdom of the ages. That's because asking questions helps you process & internalize what you are learning. Bring your curiosity & comments to the weekly live Q&A discussion in the private community or at live events.

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Meet Witchy Companions

Adventures are always more fun with friends. (Plus, surrounding yourself with Magical people helps you live the Magic yourself.) Join Coven community teatimes, multi-day challenges, our Magical book club & more. 

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Thank you for this. While I knew ceremony & conscious practice was important, I have a much more clear understanding. Thank you again for starting the Coven. I’ve been working on my own and this is the missing link I needed. Much gratitude.

Special Coven Members Discount!

33% off Magic School Courses & Coaching

Some subjects take time to master. Coven members receive a 33% discount on all deep-dive courses released through the School of Magic & Mastery including the Magic of Tarot, the Magic of Qabala, & Planetary Magic 1 & 2, as well as the Magical Mastermind & Private Consultation.

hands holding a magical manuscript

Special Bonus!

The Society of Hour Keepers

To help you embrace the magical wheel of the year, all Coven members are invited to my ongoing live magical online gatherings. Membership in my Society of Hour Keepers is a $27/month value and includes:

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Moon Ceremonies

Live magical gatherings, forecasts & spells for New & Full Moons

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Sun Ceremonies

Monthly live celebrations for the Sun's entrance into new Zodiac signs

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Witchy Celebrations

Live Seasonal rituals for the Solstices, Equinoxes & other witchy days

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Yearly Divination

Live Annual Astrology Forecasts, Practical Spellworking & a Magical Almanac

 Special Bonus!

Book of Shadows Secret

A Book of Shadows is a magical diary & a companion on your journey. This special 2-hour mindfulness journaling program is a free gift to all those who join the Coven.

book of shadows

"My membership includes everything, right?"


Your membership includes all of the following:

  • 75+ hours of “Way of” Magical recorded trainings
  • 50+ 30-minute guided meditation journeys
  • A 33% discount on all magic school courses, private consultations & the Magic School Mastermind
  • Weekly live Magical Office hours Q&A discussion
  • The private online community gathering, featuring study groups, a book club, social teatimes & more
  • Resource library of ritual design templates, reflection templates, quick references, recommended reading & more

PLUS Special Bonues

  • Monthly membership in the Society of Hour Keepers 
  • The  Book of Shadows Secret mini-course training 

If you were to buy all this separately, it would total more than $4,997.

You get it for $77/month, or $770/year. 

 On Sale Now for $47/month or $470/year.

Join for $47/month
Join for $470/year

No Magical Contracts Required.

You can cancel at any time or for any reason (but we hope you'll stay!) Really! Learn as much as you want, when you want.

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Susan A.

"I absolutely recommend the Coven... a beautiful and relaxing learning-growing community.  Donna is a nurturing, thorough, practical yet magical teacher.  (I love it all even though, full confession, I am one who still is a bit uncomfortable with "coven" and related words, due to general society's association with them.)"

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, I'm convinced. Let's do this!
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"I feel like magic is such a big topic and am in awe of your ability to slay it. I've been practicing on my own for a while, yet still I find parts that I listen to several times because it is new info for me. This is the first time in my life I have heard a logical alternative to dualistic thinking that isn't a simple "We are One'. Very well done!'"

All of this for just $77 $47 a month?

At the School of Magic & Mastery, we believe Magic is everyone's birthright. That's why we're keeping the price of our membership program for serious students so low.

The Coven's membership is less than $13 per week for unlimited access to more than 150 hours of training, guided meditations, thousands of dollars of discounts & so much more.

Think of your membership as a promise to yourself to show up for yourself, your Magical Studies & your Spiritual Practice.

When you show up, we will be there to join you...

Yes! I want the Coven to be my tribe.