Podcast Show Notes, Episode 007

Jul 02, 2020


The Shadow Knows

Release Date:  July 2, 2020

Length: 33:12


 It seems our Shadow is on display everywhere, when you know how to see it. It’s eclipse season, so it’s time to call it out, and to bring it to light. In this episode, Donna talks about what Shadow is, why it’s important to do your Shadow work, and shares five tips for how to get started.

Favorite Quotes

This work is essential for those who want to practice magic. Because your shadow will come out and play when you’re seeking to magically co-create in the work. Subtly sabotaging your intentions and your energy. 


02:13 What is Shadow?

06:23 Consequences of Ignoring Shadow

10:18 Benefits of doing Shadow Work

13:00 Shadow Work Tool #1: Explore Emotions

16:57 Shadow Work Tool #2: Doing Thoughtwork

19:10 Shadow Work Tool #3: Make Shadow Visible

21:47 Shadow Work Tool #4: Embrace Inner Child

24:48 Shadow Work Tool #5: Talk about it

29:26 Experiment of the Week 

Links from Show 

Book of Shadows Secret

Shadow Work: Exploring Fear Worksheet 

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