Podcast Show Notes, Episode 011

Sep 04, 2020


A More Perfect Union

Astrology for September 2020

Release Date: Sept. 4, 2020

Length:  22:09

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There is no perfect, only striving to make life "closer to fine." How might this drive to make the world a more perfect place play out in your world? In this episode, I'll dive into what you might expect from the astrological energies in September 2020, followed with "one simple trick" you can use to tilt the energies in your favor.


 2:09 A more perfect Union

3:23 Embrace Imperfection


5:56 Mars is bright tonight

9:02 A rock and a hard place

13:18 Love & justice

17:02 Perchance to Dream

19:06 Experiment 

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