Podcast Show Notes, Episode 013

Apr 07, 2021

Finding Resilience

Release Date: April 07, 2021

Length:  57:34


Starting to wonder what your post-pandemic life will look like? Wondering if you’ve got the energy to try something new? Then you’ll definitely want to join Donna Woodwell and Chris Kaplan for their meditations on the metaphysics of resilience. Even better -- on how you can cultivate it in your own life.


2: 03 What is Resilience?

6:48 Polarity of creation and destruction

8:52 Artistic creation requires destruction

12:21 Stagnation leads to crisis

16:12 How do I become more resilient?

17:02 Power of Rest

18:23 Fast from the Media

22:10 Herbs for Resilience

27:41 Beliefs and resilience

29:19 TV time isn’t rest

32:30 Dreaming & recovery

34:13 Power of Silence

36:30 Aquarian Age & the Veil

38:50 Reconnecting with Ancient Wisdom

41:00 Rebuilding Resources

47:04 Shapeshifting & mental states

50:30 Fixed vs. Growth mindset

52:55 Gentleness

53:30 Experiment

Links from Show

Tammi Sweet, Herbalist, Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials

New York Times. Well: Resilience

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