Podcast Show Notes, Episode 019

May 20, 2021

Here Come the UFOs!

Release Date: May 19, 2021

Length: 57:01


Look up in the sky! It's neither birds nor planes, it's UFOs! Or, at least that's what the U.S. government is set to officially disclose in June. If you haven't been keeping up on the latest interstellar news, join Donna Woodwell and Chris Kaplan as they consider the impact official notice of extraterrestrial visitations might have on our "reality bubbles."


1:07 US Disclosure coming soon; UFOs in the news

5:00 UFOs and counter-culture community

8:14 Science suggests Life abundant in cosmos

9:17 Limits of human perceptions

12:01 Flat-earthers and creationists

14:24 Truth and the insanity of “others”

15:20 Perils of Black & White thinking

16:48 Pentagon leaks and prepping the public

17:38 “We don’t know”

18:50 What is real?

21:07 Physics of interstellar travel

22:05 Why visit Earth?

23:52 Friend or Foe?

26;14 Ancient Aliens

28:41 Earth as Intergalactic reality show

29:29 Trust and Authority

30: 29 Global unity in a growing cosmic vision

32:21 Why now?

38:00 Brief history of recent UFO disclosures

44:00 Sit with the Mystery

41;44 UFO experiences revealed

49:00 Your reality is too small

50:38 How will humans cope with disclosure?

54:44 Experiment

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"Crowd Hammer" by Kevin MacLeod ( https://incompetech.com )
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