Podcast Show Notes, Episode 026

Oct 27, 2021

It's a Magical Life with Kathy Biehl

Release Date: Oct. 27, 2021

Length: 56:10


Magic is more than all around us -- we are Magic. At least we are when we see ourselves that way. Join Donna Woodwell as she talks with author, astrologer, and magical creatrix Kathy Biehl about how you, too, can live a life filled with wonder.


1:59 Meet Kathy Biehl

3:37 What is magic?

5:08 Magic as a Way of Life

8:15 Intergenerational witches

12:10 Mass-mediated Magic

14:17 Waking up to the Magic all Around

17:43 On the bridge between reason & Intuition

22:54 Return of the Divine Feminine

25:18 Writing is Magic

27:06 When a Book falls in your Lap

28:45 Surfing Synchronicity

33:08 Gifts at the Front Door

35:43 How to unleash your Intuition

40:37 Magic, control & the reality bubble

47:33 Make a Wish

52:31 Experiment

Links from the Show

2022: Onward through the Fog, a magical astrology forecast with Donna Woodwell & Kathy Biehl

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