Podcast Show Notes, Episode 030

Jan 27, 2022

Astrology for February 2022

Release Date: Jan. 27, 2022

Length: 59:01


2022 may have started out slow, but things are about to heat up in the "opposites attract" sort of way. In this episode, Donna Woodwell shares tips for incorporating this magical energy into your life, and how you can prepare for what comes next.


4:50 Aquarius Season

10:47 Overview of Big Picture (2019-2023)

12:26 Lessons of the Saturn Myth

17: 32 Outer planet tales

27:55 Jupiter this month

33:44 Mars this month

37:35 Venus this month

39:09 Venus & Mars & the Alchemical Marriage

46:01 Mercury retrograde this month

48:53 What you can do with the energy

50:46 New & Full Moons this month

56:09 Experiment

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