Camael, Archangel of Mars

Nov 28, 2022

In the world of the ancients, there are no tame angels. Of course this is especially true of the Archangel of Mars, who is sometimes called Camael (Chamuel) and sometimes Samael.

In modern astrology, Mars is called the action or energy principle. But traditional interpretations of Mars go deeper. It's Mars that represents the strength and fortitude to do what must be done, no matter the cost. The stories of the angels Camael and Samael both evoke these themes.

The Archangel Camael (sometimes spelled Chamuel or Kamael) has been called the "Archangel of Divine Justice." As a warrior angel, he's been named as the leader of the angelic rank of Powers, who guard souls from demons on the path to heaven. Camael also been identified as the leader of the forces that expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden, the angel who wielded the flaming sword. But he's also said to be one of the angels, with Gabriel, who comforted Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane before his crucifixion.

The Archangel Samael, too, tackles the hard jobs. In some accounts, it's Samael in the form of a snake who tempted Eve with the apple, and Samuel who slaughtered the first-born in Egypt during the Passover. In his role as the "adversary," Samuel wrestles with Jacob in the desert, testing his resolve. The Jewish mystical text the Zohar quotes Samael: “ entire domination is based on killing. And if I accept the Torah, there will no longer be wars. My rule is over the planet Maadim (Mars) that indicates spilling of blood."

The myths surrounding both Camael and Samael depict them doing what must be done, even knowing the cost may be high, or they will be reviled for it. The Angel of Mars brings the strength to do it anyway, out of the deepest compassion and love.

When you need strength to do what is hard, or to speak out no matter the cost, or to practice some "tough love," it's the Archangel Camael (or Samuel) who is your ally. As the Archangel of Mars, asking for his assistance on Tuesday (Mars' day) is especially fortuitous.