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All the magic, astrology, alchemy, divination, theurgy, and other crazy cool things you've ever wanted to learn from your favorite witchy professors.

The Coven

Exclusive Magic & Mastery Membership includes a private community group, coven-only ceremonies, special monthly lessons, and a 33% discount on all Magic School classes.

The Podcast

Magic and Mastery is the podcast for you if you sense there’s Magic all around you -- and you want more of it! You want to know what it is, how it works, and how to cultivate it to support your life’s journey.

How to Create a Real Book of Shadows & Accelerate Your Magical Journey

By the end of this FREE training, you’ll


  • Learn how you can use writing to cultivate magic as a part of your life 24/7

  • Explore the four essential ingredients your daily ‘Book of Shadows’ journal must have to foster a more magical, and masterful, life

  • How you can move from occasional journaling to a daily habit that accelerates your magical journey

This training is for you if:

You already have a writing practice, have tried to start one but couldn't stick to it, or if you've always wanted to start one but never had the time.

The Coven

Making space for one more thing in our busy lives - even if is magic - seems impossible. But what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way?

A magical life isn't a separate thing you have to make time for. Rather, you can shift your perception and turn everything you do into fuel for your enchanted adventure.

That's what the Coven is -- a magical community that holds space for you as you transform your daily life. Embrace a world filled with magic and spirt, 24/7.

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Meet Donna Woodwell

Astrologer, Magician, Master Teacher, Author, and Headmistress of the School of Magic & Mastery, Donna's led an enchanted life. She shares her story in her own words...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Donna Philosophica’s School of Magic & Mastery – or just Magic School – is a place to dive into the wellsprings of wisdom that nourish meaningful lives. Our students not only learn more about themselves and their calling, they learn how to use their deep self-knowledge to co-creatively shape the world around them.

Our coven and classes are filled with experiential practices -- ceremonies, experiments, and more – to help you put what you are learning into practice.

The first year of classes will be taught by our Headmistress and Master Teacher Donna Woodwell. After Year One, we’ll expand to include additional instructors for new courses, as well as guest speakers and ceremonial leaders for our coven gatherings.

Donna Philosophica means “Lady Philosophy,” the Latin name for the goddess of wisdom who appears time and again in cultures throughout history. It’s also Donna Woodwell’s chosen magical name.

Donna’s a true Master Teacher. She’s taught thousands of students in person, at online schools and international conferences.

For more than 25 years, Donna’s studied and practiced the “Esoteric Arts” – from astrology, magic, alchemy, shamanism and more. In her own life she studied with magical teachers twice – one an earth-based shaman, the other a Hermetic magician. She’s an initiate of a Hermetic order, an Usui Reiki Master, and certified in Hypnosis.

Her first book, The Astrology Dictionary, is being released in November 2019 by Adams Media (a Simon & Schuster Imprint).

At Magic School, we don’t believe in the word “should.” We don’t know what you should do.

You may already sense there’s more to magic than just empty words and gestures. You may already crave to understand how magic works, or how creation occurs, or how to connect to the divinity within. You may never be satisfied with answers you can’t explore for yourself, and willing to follow your passion to know where ever it leads you.

If this sounds like you, then Magic School welcomes you to join us and walk the path together.

So glad you asked! Our classes are designed to help you learn more than just a few magic tricks – if you are willing to do the work, they can lead you to deeper layers of self-mastery.

To keep things nice and simple, Magic School’s curriculum is divided into four departments: Divination, Theurgy, Magic, and Alchemy:

Divination is the art of interpreting messages from Spirit. This includes things like Scrying, Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology, Interpreting Dreams, Geomancy – even Reading Tea leaves. We release new Divination classes after the Sept. 23 equinox.

Theurgy is the technical term for practices that help you unite with the divine within you. Techniques include theurgy practices such as Meditation, Designing Altars and Rituals, Channeling, Invocations, and more. We release new Theurgy classes after the Dec. 21 Solstice.

Magic – that’s co-creating with the world around you – includes Energy Work, Shielding, Creating Sigils and Talismans, and more. We release new Magic classes after the March 23 Equinox.

Alchemy – transmuting one thing into another – includes alchemical practices such as creating potions (which we now call them herbal remedies, flower essences and the like), working with the imagination and altered states, and more. We release new Alchemy classes after the June 21 solstice.

All classes are self-study, with new lessons delivered to you via owl post each week. In addition to learning techniques, all lessons also include some history, theory and practical experiments which you can try for yourself. Classes last 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks (or 1, 2, and 3 credits).

If you’d like to ask questions about what you’re learning, or share the journey with others, we suggest you join our live community group, The Coven. What’s that you ask? We’ve answered below…

Two or three new courses will be released each season. (The first three years of classes are already planned out, so Magic School won’t run out of them any time soon). Donna will teach the first courses herself, but as well grow, Magic School will expand to include additional instructors.

In the future, Magic School will offer certificates for the successful completion of 12 credits in one subject area. Collect all four certificates, and we’ll figure out how to issue you an O.W.L.

The Coven is Magic School’s live community and monthly membership program. We know learning with friends is often more fun – and more powerful. Coven means "community or gathering," often for a spiritual purpose. 

In addition to getting to know your Magic School classmates, the Coven also features special monthly Coven-only events.

  • A live lesson or demonstration on the theme of the quarter (divination, theurgy, magic or alchemy)
  • A live ceremony for working with the energies of the month
  • A Q&A session during which coven members can submit any questions or any class or any live lesson (or anything else that comes to mind

 The Coven also serves as the live discussion group for all Magic School classes, too. All Coven members receive a 33% discount on all magic school courses. You don’t, have to enroll in any classes to be a part of our Magic School Coven, but come on -- you know you’ll want to.

Enrollment begins Sept. 5, 2019. Magic School doors officially open on Sept. 18, when the Coven begins to meet and the first classes begin.

We’ll host a series of “Orientation Week” events so you can check out the school for yourself.

Our elves are building Magic School as fast as they can. Unfortunately, time turners are rare, so we still need to do it one brick at a time.

 Just add your name to our invitation list and we’ll be sure to send an owl your way when it’s time to get started. Invitations to our open enrollment and orientation weeks will be sent in August.

"I pestered Donna with thousand and one questions and she always answered them. Sometimes in a straight-forward manner other times with a long story like the ancients used to do. Looking back meeting Donna, was a huge turning point in both my personal and professional life. "

Dr. Hilaria Spiteri
Holistic Health Practitioner, Acquafortis Astrology, Malta

"Donna helped me to get a much better feel for all the essences and far-reaching characteristics of each element and energy, more than ever before. It’s all sinking in. I’m beginning to relate all of this to my daily life more and more. It actually lends richness and a certain deep and colorful understanding to experience that is fun to play with. The whole world comes alive with a new dimension of meaning!"

Michelle H.

"When I heard her talk about astrology and magic, I knew immediately that Donna had something to teach anyone who showed up for her class. She obviously knows her subject matter, and she's not only willing but also eager to share her very impressive body of knowledge without holding anything back. Wow! What a gift!"

Sharon P.

"Donna is brilliant!I love listening to her -- no matter the topic. I love her teaching style. It's lively and fast paced, well organized, covers a lot of ground, yet at the same time, manages to come across feeling very organic!"

Bonnie R.

"Donna Woodwell is gifted with words. Her explanations made a very complicated subject accessible and easy to understand. Plus it was just fun!"

Kathryn G.

"Donna's amazing -- she makes it so easy to learn. I love the "No stress" attitude she has, too. I'm mesmerized every time we have a class."

Lesli K.

"Donna fully engages her students in her teachings. She challenged me with a creative “hands-on” approach that has been especially beneficial for deepening my understanding of astrology. I looked forward to meeting every planet like I was going to visit a dear old friend I hadn’t seen in a while."

Suzanne H.

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