Wanna know the secret to living a more Magical life?

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Work with Magic every day.

The Society of Hour Keepers is for all those dedicated to embracing the cycles of the Natural world. Embrace your intuitive, mystical self and fill your days with Magic.

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Donna Woodwell

Meet Your Guide, Donna Woodwell.

Astrologer, Magician, Master Teacher, Author, & Headmistress of Donna Philosophica's School of Magic & Mastery, Donna's led an enchanted life.

She shares her story in her own words...

Introducing the Society of Hour Keepers

Weekly guided vidualization ceremonies, astrology forecasts, ritual & spells suggestions to create your own Magical spirtual practice.

Magical New and Full Moons

Magical New & Full Moons

Catch the forecast for the New or Full Moon, spells to capture the energy of the lunation & a Zodiac-inspired ceremony. Includes the Have a Magical Moon Spellbook.

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Zodiac Sun-Sign Magical Rituals

A heads up on the energies of each month so you can make the most of them. Includes a forecast, rituals, spells, a guided ceremonial meditation plus a Sun Magic Spellbook.

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Celebrate the Seasons

It’s the Witchy Way to celebrate the turning of the seasons: Equinoxes, Solstices, Halloween, May Day & more. Embrace gratitude & empowerment in live rituals & ceremonies.

Get into the Ritual Rhythm

Astrology was once a living practice.

There were astral priests & priestesses who honored the passage of time with ceremony & ritual. In fact, he word Horoscope translates as hour watcher -- or Hour Keeper. 

Why should you do ceremonies & rituals today?

Because both mediation & practice deepen your connection with Spirit. 

It's your Spiritual connection that helps you find purpose, increase your energy levels & manage stress. Who doesn't want that?

If you want to have a magical, spiritual practice, doing weekly ceremonies, creating your own rituals, and reflecting on your inner experience, is the BEST way to get there.

This is me! Count me in.

Is the Society of Hour Keepers for You?

If you want tuning into the cosmic rhythm to become your spiritual practice, then the Society for Hour Keepers is for you.

Magical Curious

You’ve dipped your toes into the magical world. Maybe you’ve picked up a few books. Now you are ready to try out some rituals & spells for yourself.

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Astrology Lovers

Astrology is more than books & charts. Add life to your practice by consciously tapping into the energy of the moment & working with it to co-create your world.

Solo Explorers

You’ve got a magical practice & are happy working alone. Still, it would be nice to join others for Moon, Sun & seasonal gatherings. Here's an online community to celebrate with.

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Renee S.

'I’ve never connected like this before. The images came fast and furiously. I actually started seeing things before Donna said them. Lots of dancing gold sparks and rushes of laser like light, a web of stars, sacred geometry… And this is only the very beginning? Whoa."

Here's What's in each Hour Keepers Gathering

To help you embrace the magical wheel of the year, members of the Society of Hour Keepers are invited to my ongoing live magical online gatherings. Each session includes:

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Astrology Forecasts

Astrology is the best tool for catching a glimpse of the subtle energies that color our moods & actions. Each session includes Donna’s reflections on what’s coming soon for the world & for you.

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Spells & Rituals

Spells & Rituals are inspired ways to put the energy of the moment to work for you. When you use Donna's suggestions in your own practice, you become a conscious co-creator with the cosmos.

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Guided Ceremonial Meditations

Tune into your inner landscape. Donna’s special guided visualization will unlock your imagination, encourage healing and deepen your connection to Spirit.

Ceremonies on Your Schedule

We know everyone is super busy. That's why you can sign up to receive an instant replay for any session you know you'll miss. Plus, there's a special Hour Keeprers dashboard with links to your spellbooks, bonuses & anything else you've missed, all in one place. 

Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to join now!
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Cathy P.

"Thank you so much, Donna! We created our own version of Indra's Web, we journeyed to our personal star & we created our Wheel. I felt the power of our joining & was happy to feel my energy flowing into that wheel & out to everyone else."

Plus these Special Bonuses!

To make the most of your ritual practice, here are a few more tools to illuminate your Path.

2024 Magical Almanac

Bright, beautiful & bold, Donna’s full-color annual magazine will inspire you to make the most of the coming year. Features an overview of the important themes of the year, plus spells & rituals to manifest your desires. (Available in December.)

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A list of question marks and a cup of tea

Weekly Live Q&A

When you start a regular ritual practice, your life begins to shift. Ask questions about the visions or dreams you have, the results of your spellwork, or anything else that comes to mind. Donna loves to support seekers on your journey!

Planetary Hours Guidebook

Not into complicated astrology charts? No worries! The Planetary Hours is an ancient system designed to help you honor the planets, without all the fuss. This 9-page PDF will teach you how to use them.

a closeup of astrological clock gears
magical journal with fountain pen

Ceremony Journaling Template

Guided visualization ceremonies are like conscious dreaming. They can reveal messages from your Guides & other deep insights. This template will help you make note to remember your experiences.

Private Magic School Community Forum

Not into complicated astrology charts? No worries! The Planetary Hours is an ancient system designed to help you honor the planets, without all the fuss. This 9-page PDF will teach you how to use them.

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"Thank you! I feel like I can breathe again. It's really the little things that are BIG things. … I really love everything you do.... I am just so grateful for you."

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"OMG, I just had an opportunity to check my Magical Almanac and it's GORGEOUS! I love the aesthetic. Of course, the information is solid -- spot on as always."

Your Society of Hour Keepers Membership includes everything you need build your own Magical spiritual practice.

Hour Keepers Membership

30-day Free Trial!

then $27/month or $270/year 

♦️A monthly live 60-minute Have a Magical New Moon forecast & rituals

♦️A monthly live 60-minute Have a Magical Full Moon forecast & rituals

♦️A monthly live 60-minute Zodiac Sun-sign Magical forecast & rituals

♦️8 live celebrations for solstices, equinoxes & other witchy days


♦️Weekly live Magical Office hours Q&A discussion

♦️ Other Bonuses including a Magical Almanac, Planetary Hours Guidebook & Ceremony Journaling Template

For Coven Members

Hour Keepers is FREE!!

Your Coven Membership includes everything listed under the Hour Keepers


♦️Immediate access to more than 75 hours of Magical training videos (a $1,447 value)

♦️ A 33% discount on all 12-week Magic School courses (a savings of more than $997)

♦️  A free copy of the Book of Shadows Secret mini-course ($27 value)

♦️The Hour Keepers Archive with more than 4 years of forecasts & spells

♦️ A Vibrant Community of Magical seekers, weekly Coven Teatime social hour, and so much more

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By the way...

No Magical Contracts Required.

You can cancel your Hour Keepers memberrship at any time or for any reason (but we hope you'll stay!) Really! You're welcome as long as you benefit from the practice.

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"Thank you Donna, I love how you guided us to create a group flame, it really made me feel the connection to you all in my heart. Feels good to have emptied my cup and cleared myself, ready to be open & receive."

Frequently Asked Questions

All of this for just $27 a month?

At the School of Magic & Mastery, we believe Magic is everyone's birthright. That's why we're keeping the price of the Society of Hour Keepers so low, less than $7 per guided meditation ceremony.

Think of your membership as a promise to yourself to show up for your Spiritual Practice.

When you show up, we will be there to join you...

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