A Peek Inside the Coven

The Coven contains everything you need to support your Magical Practice. From trainings, to guided ceremonies, to a supportive Community, you'll quickly discover your life is filled with Magic, 24/7.


Tour the Coven Library Collection

Magical training, experiments, ceremonies & templates, you'll find everything you need to create your own magical practice inside the Coven.

Count me in. I can't wait!


"Absolutely recommend the Coven... a beautiful and relaxing learning-growing community. Donna is a nurturing, thorough, practical yet magical teacher."

The Coven Practicum Collection

You learn Magic by doing Magic. Each Coven class (called a Practicum) lasts about an hour, and includes a little history, practical how-to techniques, ideas for further study, and experiments you can do for yourself.


"Thank you, Donna, for building this incredibly magical space for Practitioners of all levels of experience and myriad approaches. This is truly a place where we have the tools to plant the seeds of self-realization, fertilize ourselves along the journey, and grow exponentially."

The Coven Ceremony Collection

Ceremonies are an ancient technique for connecting with Spirit. Part guided visualization, part energy work, and part channeling, a ceremomial practice is a gentle a way to align yourself, body, mind & heart with your Soul's purpose. 


"I’ve never connected like this before. The images came fast and furiously. I actually started seeing things before Donna said them. Lots of dancing gold sparks and rushes of laser like light, a web of stars, sacred geometry... And this is only the very beginning? Whoa."


Tour the Coven's Online Gathering Place

A Coven is a community of Spirit seekers & Magic lovers. In the Coven's virtual community space (The Covenstead) we meet for social hour teatimes, magical study groups, Q&A sessions & more.

Yes! I've been waiting for this!


"I believe it's the place of respite from the world that I didn't know I was seeking... you’re likely to find a kindred spirit here. I want to thank Donna for giving us a place - for creating this space."