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If the answer is YES, then the Magical Mastermind is for you!

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You Can Create the Life You Want

You say you want to live a “more magical life,” but you don’t know how to make it happen. So you find yourself sleepwalking through your days, falling into the same habits and patterns.

Well, I’ve got good news! There is a FORMULA for Conscious Living & Co-Creating Your Life with Spirit.

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Boost Passion

Create a purpose-centered life filled with meaning & self-respect

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Gain Perspective

Cultivate valuable insight to manifest your desires

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Build Rituals

Get motivated & stay accountable by creating healthy rituals

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Get Support

Build a mutual support system by forging soul-centered friendships

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is not group therapy, coaching or mentoring. Instead, members act as catalysts for one another to help all to realize their dreams.

Mastermind members help each other achieve success by leveraging collective knowledge and experience of the group. We meet regularly to discuss ideas, brainstorm solutions, and provide support and accountability to one another.

What makes it Magical?

Unlike typical masterminds, we put our Magical talents to work to manifest profound & positive change. This means you’ll not only use spells, divination & more to improve your own life, but lend your energy to the spells of others to manifest their dreams, too.

OMG! This is perfect for me!
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Meet Your Guide, Donna Woodwell.

Astrologer, Magician, Master Teacher, Author, & Headmistress of Donna Philosophica's School of Magic & Mastery, Donna's led an enchanted life.

She shares her story in her own words...

Your Pledge to Fulfill Your Soul Purpose

Joining the Magical Mastermind means you are ready to completely commit to creating the life of your dreams. This means you will set aside at least 1-2 hours a day, every day, to make it happen.

I am ready to take the Soul Pledge!
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Imagine the life you want to create & enjoy

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Create a plan to manifest your dreams & desires

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Take concrete steps to make it happen

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Invent solutions for the challenges you encounter

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Be Accountable

Show up for yourself & help others too

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Toast your successes with supportive friends

What’s Included in the Magical Mastermind

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Build Your Community

Share the journey, brainstorm & celebrate in an online community space 24/7

Magical New and Full Moons

Engage in Discussions

Set goals, plan strategies & dive deep into your process in weekly live chats

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Brave the Hot Seat

Report on your progress & receive personalized suggestions & encouragement

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Join Monthly Challenges

Monthly goals & deadline help you reshape your life, one project at a time

Special Bonus!

Free Private Consultation with Donna

Are you totally committed to creating the life of your dreams? Then I want to support you. Sign up for one year of the Magical Mastermind, and I’ll give you a free bonus private consulation with me. A $497 Value!

(The bonus applies after one year of payments on a monthly plan, too!)

No Magical Contracts Required.

You can cancel at any time or for any reason (but we hope you'll stay!) Really! Learn as much as you want, when you want.

Join the Magical Mastermind, Remake Your World.

Stop waiting around for your life to get better. Give yourself the tools & support you need to make it happen. That's real Magic.

Regular Price


♦️A framework for designing your ideal life & making it manifest

♦️A weekly live 60-minute small group mastermind session to support your process

♦️Monthly challenges & benchmarks tailored to your goals

♦️An ongoing private online community discussion group to share successes and brainstorm solutions


♦️One private consultation with Donna for each one year of mastermind membership (a $497 value)

Coven Members


♦️ Everything listed for non-Coven members


♦️ Immediate access to 75+ hours of Magical training videos

♦️ Develop psychic skills with 50+ guided ceremonial meditations

♦️ Live monthly Sun, New & Full Moon divinations, spells & guided meditations

♦️Make new magical friends at weekly live Teatime social

♦️ A 33% discount on all Magic School courses and events

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