Are you ready to Re-Enchant your World?

Imagine living in a time in which people believed everything was alive. The rocks, the trees, the rivers – and yes the stars and planets too – were alive. 

Alive, intelligent, and in a constant dialogue with YOU.

How much richer and deeper would your worldview – and your magical vision – be if we still had that kind of relationship with the Stars? If we had their help finding love, or money or all the other things we need in life...

Planetary Magic: The Art of Ritual can make that vision your Reality.

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Hey there, I’m Donna.

I’ve been called a witch, a shaman, and an Initiate. I’m also in love with the Stars.

(There’s nothing more magical than gazing up at a truly dark night sky, is there?)

But back when I was just getting started in my magical studies, I couldn’t figure out how popular astrology could possibly fit. It seemed astrology was an interesting curiosity: fun but not terribly potent or useful for what I truly loved -- making Magic.

How wrong I was!


Today I realize I’d just inherited a fractured worldview. One in which Magic was banished from the mainstream, and astrology divorced from Magic. 

It took me years to re-weave the pieces for myself, and recover a new, holistic vision of the Cosmos. 

Now I can show you how you can, too, in just a few weeks...

Introducing Planetary Magic: The Art of Ritual

A 13-week course to on how to embody the magical essence of Planets


Gain a deeper understanding of the planets so that you can converse fluently with the universe, even if you've never taken an astrology class before.


Power up your spell-casting by developing a potent relationship with the Planets that's flexible enough to work with any magical practice.


Develop the confidence to trust yourself so that connecting with the cosmos is more intuitive, creative and magical.


What is Planetary Magic?

Planetary Magic: The Art of Ritual isn’t an astrology course in the way you might think of astrology.

There are no charts, signs, houses or aspects. 

Instead, we'll consider how skywatchers, shamans & mystics from around the world embraced & experienced the night sky, in the ways humans did before astrology charts were even invented.

Once you remove the filters, you’ll connect with planets and stars in magical -- and very personal -- ways.

Through Planetary Magic you’ll empower your spell-casting, refine your astrology…

You’ll even improve your life, by having the tools and spiritual allies you need to create your world.

Planetary Magic is for You

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If you’ve been practicing Magic and casting spells, but have been turned off by astrology because it seems too complicated, consider this: Planets form a powerful pantheon. Understand that and you’ll realize that your spell ingredients aren’t just random.

If you’ve been exploring shamanism, going on Underworld journeys with your totem allies, consider this: Planets are Spirits, too. And they like working with us humans.

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If you’ve been studying astrology or reading horoscopes, but are tired of trying to memorize houses and aspects by rote, consider this: Planets are the living heart of the sky. Know them and everything else will fall into place effortlessly.

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Inside Planetary Magic

Planetary Magic: The Art of Ritual isn’t an astrology course in the way you might think of astrology.

There are no charts, signs, houses or aspects. 

Instead, I'll introduce you to each one of the planets (and some of the stars, too). You'll get to know their moods, desires & favorite things. They will become your friends.

Because I know the planets, stars & other celestial Spirits here to help you achieve your highest potential…

I want you to soar and converse with the Cosmos. And you 100% can!

Here's what you'll learn in Planetary Magic: The Art of Ritual

True North

Explore your Inner & Outer Worlds

Discover the basic principles of Planetary Magic.

True North

Embark on Planetary Adventures

Know the planets and stars through science, myth, & astrology

True North

Create Your Own Magical Path

Ideas for building your personal Planetary Magic Practice

True North

Design Your own Cosmic Rituals

Work with Planet Allies to attract love, money & more

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“Finding this course came at just the right time, a way to connect my love for astrology, shamanism & embodiment experiential work. A way to take astrology from the flat computer screen and really love it!”

What you get with your Planetary Magic: The Art of Ritual

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A Framework

A structured system for learning Planetary Magic that helps you understand how and why things work as they do

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Video & Audio Recordings

Stream each lesson on your computer or mobile device, or listen on the go via download or app.

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Study Guide

An enchanted guide to make it easier to take notes, and to quickly reference key points.

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Guided Ceremonies

Guided visualization to encounter each planet to help you experience the living magic of the sky.

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Planetary Rituals

More than 30 rituals, incantations and blessings to deepen your connection to the visible planets and beyond.

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Weekly Live Q&A

An invitation to my weekly magical office hours to ask questions and share your experiences

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“Before going through this journey with the Planets with Donna, if you asked me about any planet, I would have had to refer to my notes. Now I can answer from my own experience."

Who is Planetary Magic for?

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Magical Curious

You're just getting started in your magical studies, and you're curious about how you can work with the Planets and Stars in magical ways

Witches, Pagans & Shamans

You have an extensive magical practice, you’ve been Drawing Down the Moon, but you want to add another layer and learn to use astrology in the way it was intended: to support your magical working.

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Astrology Lovers

If you've been studying astrology for years and want to liven up your practice through a deeper understanding of the planets and their magical history.

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“Donna describes the planetary energies in a way that both my linear and non-linear mind could understand.  This class brought me closer in tune with the ancient planets. I heartily recommend this training for everyone, from astrologer to pagan and all those in-between."

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The Planetary Magic: The Art of Ritual includes everything you need to apply the secrets of astrology to make your life more Magical.

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$485 one-time payment

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♦️A Framework for integrating Planetary Magic into your own practice

♦️Video & Audio Recordings so you can stream each lesson where & when it's convenient for you

♦️Study Guides for each lesson to help you remember & integrate what you've learned

♦️ Rituals & guided ceremonies for working with the visible planets and fixed stars

♦️Suggested homework so you can deepen your learning experience with personal practice

♦️Quick Reference Guides & other handy worksheets

♦️Live weekly Q&A sessions to process what you have learned

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$325 one-time payment

or $121 per month for 3 months
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♦️ Everything listed for non Coven members


♦️ Immediate access to 75+ hours of Magical training videos, audios & study guides

♦️ Immediate access to 50+ guided visualization meditations for improving psychic skills, meeting Spirit allies & soul healing

♦️Live divinations, spells & guided meditations for the New & Full Moons, Sun tides & other witchy celebrations

♦️ A 33% discount on all Magic School courses and events

♦️ A Vibrant Community for sharing your Magical Journey

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“Donna stretches her perceptions beyond the borders of time and space. She takes what they call in the tribe an “eagle’s eye view” and such vision is tremendously powerful. It is because of the extensive scope you can benefit no matter who you are or where you might be on the planet.”

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