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Attend the Sacred Marriage of Astrology & Magic 

Astrology and horoscopes are compelling to millions of people, but they are only scratching the surface of the secrets astrology holds…
Can you imagine how powerful astrology could be if it were reunited with its heart and soul?
If it were reunited with Magic?  
I need this in my life now!
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Hey there, I’m Donna.

I’ve been called a witch, a shaman, and a Hermetic Initiate. And I’m also in love with the Stars.

Back when I was just getting started in my magical studies, I thought astrology was a lifeless curiosity, fun but not terribly potent or useful. 

How wrong I was!


Today I realize I’d just inherited a fractured worldview. One in which magic was banished from the mainstream, and astrology divorced from magic. 

It took me years to re-weave the pieces for myself, and recover a new, holistic vision. A deeper reality at the crossroads of Above and Below. 

Now I can show you how you can, too, in just a few weeks...

Introducing Planetary Magic II: The Art of Time

A 12-week course on how to use astrology charts to make Magic


Understand how astrology works at the deepest levels, beyond horoscopes & “hey baby, what’s your sign?” entertainment


Dive into the fundamentals of the art, learning how planets, Zodiac signs, houses and more actually got their meanings


Use astrology charts to unlock magical secrets, such as finding the perfect time to act, gain insights into any question or craft magical talismans


Explore your unique magical essence, identify your strongest planets & discover your astrological guardian angel

What is Astrological Magic?

Millennia ago, an astral priesthood invented astrology to understand the Cosmos and to co-create with it. In other words, for making Magic.

In my Planetary Magic series, I’ll show you how to rediscover the Magic within your astrology, and the astrology hidden within your spells. 

In the first in the Planetary Magic I: The Art of Ritual, we explore how to connect with the living essence of Planets in order to make friends and allies to empower your life and your ritual work. 

In Planetary Magic II: The Art of Time, we explore how the ancients invented astrology charts to unlock the symbolic secrets of time. We’ll explore how to read the meaning in every moment & how to use that knowledge to choose the best times for action.

Planetary Magic is for You

If you love magic & casting spells but have been put off by astrology because it seemed confusing or irrelevant, consider this: Magic is written in the language of astrology. To know it, is to deepen your magical practice in ways you haven’t imagined.

 If you sense there’s something missing from the astrology you’ve read – that there’s something deeper to understand – consider this: Astrology was invented as a tool for making magic. Anything else is just scratching the surface.

If you’ve been struggling to learn astrology, but it never seems to click, consider this: The reason astrology’s so difficult to learn today is that it’s missing its magic – its purpose for existing. Once you understand its heart & soul, fluency follows

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Inside Planetary Magic II

I’m passionate about helping astrologers reconnect to the true Magic of the stars, and to helping witches, shamans and pagans to rediscover astrology as a tool for their magic. 

In other words, astrology without magic is flat and superficial; magic without astrology lacks power.

It took me years to figure out how to reconnect the two. Now I want to help you build the bridge in a fraction of the time it took me. 

And I’m 100 percent certain you can.

Yes! I want this NOW!
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Lara M.

“Studying a subject like astrology with Donna Woodwell was like greeting old friends with fresh faces. My existing knowledge of astrology was deeply enhanced and given a face-lift by Donna’s teaching. She has a vibrant and quirky personality which brings life, light and a whole lot of sense to what can otherwise be a dry subject. Her wealth of esoteric knowledge and wisdom allows her to build a multi-layered course that is both simplistic and deep. She is fun to engage with as she shares her passion with her students who she truly cares about.”

Here's What you'll Learn Inside Planetary Magic II

True North

Discover the rich history of astrology

From ancient shamans & philosophers to Renaissance astrologers & mages

True North

Explore astrology chart elements

Planets, signs, houses, dignities & aspects from their origins to interpretation

True North

Choose perfect times to act or answer your questions

aka electional & horary astrology

True North

Craft Talismans & Contact your Planetary Angel

and fill your astrological practice with Magic

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Emma B.

"Donna has a clear and simple way of explaining complex theories and topics. Through her excellent teaching style I've been able to grasp key elements of traditional astrology which has enriched my life. Understanding the energies of planets and signs has revealed key insights into my personality which I've been able to use in everyday life. I highly recommend anyone interested to participate in the course, even if you have little astrological knowledge. This is a fun and enlightening course."

What you get with your Planetary Magic II Course

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A Framework

for understanding Planetary Magic that is fast and easily accessible for anyone to begin using immediately

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Video & Audio Recordings

Stream each lesson on your destop or mobile device, or listen on the go via the app or by downloading the audio

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Study Guide

An enchanted guide to make it easier for you to take notes as you follow along and quickly reference key points

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To help you integrate what you're learning, so you can build your skills to practice on your own.

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Check to make sure you've got the essential knowledge and skills you need to use astrology for yourself

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Live Magical Office Hours

 Ask Donna any questions that come up along the way, and deepen your practice. 

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Anne D.

“Astrology is one of my passions, and I’d been studying it for years when I decided to take Donna’s class. It really shifted my perspective! Donna’s Astrology classes are “down to earth”, full of fascinating knowledge and mind-blowing discoveries. She takes her students back to where it all started at the very root of our cultures and teaches also how to look at the sky like the ancients did and to reconnect with the planets. Then back to the present to learn how to see it all in computerized charts! Thank you Donna for sharing your rich experience and knowledge!”

Who is Planetary Magic for?

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Magical Curious

You're just getting started in your magical studies, and you're curious about how learning to use astrology charts can expand your magical practice.

Witches, Pagans & Shamans

You have an extensive magical practice, but you want to add another layer and learn to use astrology in the way it was intended: to support your magical working.

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Astrology-Chart Lovers

If you've been studying astrology for years and want to liven up your practice through a deeper understanding of the ways astrology is used in magic: electional astrology, horary astrology, and more.

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“I had been studying and working with astrology for quite some time but I felt it was lacking something, to me as a person and to what I wanted to give to my clients. Taking astrology lessons with Donna Woodwell was as if finally the lock clicked in its place. Her lessons are taught with passion, tongue in cheek philosophy yet pragmatic, sensible and down to earth. Astrology finally started making sense to me, not only intellectually but also in my heart and spirit.

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Planetary Magic II includes everything you need to use astrology charts to make your life more Magical

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$485 one-time payment

or $178 per month for 3 months


♦️A framework for integrating Qabala into your Magical practice

♦️Video & Audio Recordings so you can stream each lesson where & when it's convenient for you 

♦️Study Guides for each lesson to help you remember & integrate what you've learned

 ♦️Quick Reference Guides & other handy worksheets

♦️ Practice workbooks & answer keys to help you practice your chart reading skills

 ♦️ Weekly quizzes to help you discover what you need to review

♦️Live weekly Q&A sessions to process what you have learned

For Coven Members


$325 one-time payment

or $121 per month for 3 months 
or $61 per month for 6 months  


♦️ Everything listed for non Coven members


♦️ Immediate access to 75+ hours of Magical training videos, audios & study guides

♦️ Immediate access to 50+ guided visualization meditations for improving psychic skills, meeting Spirit allies & soul healing

♦️Live divinations, spells & guided meditations for the New & Full Moons, Sun tides & other witchy celebrations

♦️ A 33% discount on all Magic School courses and events

♦️ A Vibrant Community for sharing your Magical Journey

$485 one-time payment
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$178 per month for 3 months
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Save More with the Planetary Magic 1 & 2 Bundle
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Non Coven Members

$485 one time payment

or $178 per month for 3 months

♦️ A framework for understanding Planetary Magic

♦️ Video & Audio recordings for each lesson

♦️ Study Guides

♦️ Quick Reference Sheets

♦️ Workbooks, quizzes, and more

$485 one time payment
$178 per month for 3 months

Coven Members

$325 one time payment

 $121 per month for 3 months 

or $61 per month for 6 months  

♦️ Everything listed for non Coven members

♦️ All of your esoteric questions answered

♦️ Monthly Divinations, Ceremonies, & Practicums

♦️ 4-hour Witchy Workshops

♦️ And More

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Hilaria S.

“I pestered Donna with thousand and one questions and she always answered them. Sometimes in a straight-forward manner other times with a long story like the ancients used to do. Looking back meeting Donna, was a huge turning point in both my personal and professional life. “

Frequently Asked Questions

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Peggy S.

“I really like the easy, simplified way you write and present information. After 30 years of study, I understand how anyone wanting to learn Astrology can get bogged down in all the words!!!! This is why I love your work, it’s so much better than any of the many books I have collected.”

I need this now!