What if there were an instruction manual for how to reach your full potential? Would you want to read it?

Guess what? There is one. And it’s called Qabala.

The Hermetic Qabala is a storehouse of occult wisdom, techniques & symbols for the study of life, the universe and everything.

You can use it to explore the hidden links between astrology, Tarot and Magic, in a way that combines all of these systems into one elegant practice.

At an even deeper level, the Tree is a map of the cosmos and the psyche. It’s a set of meditations & practices that help you integrate mind, heart & soul in order to foster your own illumination and enlightenment.

The real question is, now that you know such an instruction manual exists, why would you not want it? Right now!

I need this in my life now!
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Hey there, I’m Donna.

Ever since my first real taste of Magic during my Shamanic practice, I’ve been driven by a deep desire to know…

To know why we are here. To know how my mind works (and how to keep it from sabotaging me). To know how to touch that ineffable world beyond the senses…

In my quest I’ve studied every magical subject I could find. I’ve been called a witch, a shaman, an astrologer and a Hermetic Initiate. 

But there came a point when I realized that, though I had a house full of books, I still wasn’t sure how all the pieces fit together.

Something was still missing…

Today I realize I’d just inherited a fractured worldview. One in which Magic was banished from the mainstream, and astrology divorced from Magic.

It took me years to realize that Qabala is the model I was looking for. 

Qabala contains a roadmap for how to experience a new, holistic vision of oneself and the cosmos. It can empower your Magic, and deepen your connection to a Living Cosmos.

Now I can show you how you, too, can unlock the Magic of Qabala...

Introducing the Magic of Qabala


Walk the ancient paths of mystical initiation to find healing through discovering how to blend mind, heart & soul


Discover hidden correspondences between Western Magic’s sacred symbols & supercharge your Astrological, Magical or Tarot practice


Explore “how creation occurs” so you can tap into powerful cosmic forces in your own Magical manifestation rituals

What is Qabala?

To know the Magic of Qabala is to become an initiate to the deepest mysteries of the Cosmos.

Ever since humans invented language, we’ve been using it to ask the Big Questions:

"How did I get here?"

"What’s my purpose?"

"How can I suffer less and live more?"

We've created all kinds of things like Philosophy, Religion, Science, Psychology -- even Magic -- to help find answers to these big questions.

Qabala is a direct descendant of one of the oldest tools ever designed to help answer all of these questions -- a model of the Cosmos that can teach you how to create the world you dream of by healing your fragmented Self.

Though Qabala’s rich symbols have been crystallized in the Jewish mystical tradition, it’s a model so elegant it’s been adapted by both Christian mystics and Hermetic magicians to describe their own formula for forging a deeper connection with the Divine.

And, for the last few centuries, the Hermetic Qabala has been used as a storehouse for the sacred images of Western occultism.

It’s the hidden scaffolding that connects together Astrology, Alchemy, Tarot, Magic & more. 

Once you’ve experienced its mysteries, the practical implications are enormous. You can use Qabala as a spiritual practice, to illuminate your Tarot readings, to find creative solutions to difficult astrological transits, and so much more.

To study Qabala is to become an Initiate of the Mysteries. Once you walk through its gates, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Qabala is for You

If you love magic & casting spells, Qabala will help you find new ways to manifest your dreams. Qabala deepens your understanding of how Magic works in ways you haven’t imagined.

If you love Tarot or Astrology & want to know where these symbols come from and how they fit together, Qabala is the answer. It’s the hidden scaffolding within all the Mysteries.

If you’re seeking a personal practice for self-actualization (spiritual enlightenment, if you prefer), Qabala is a complete system of practices for integrating mind, heart & soul.

The Magic of Qabala will

* Empower your spellcasting * Elevate your astrology * Illuminate your Tarot *
Heck, you’ll even improve your life by having the tools and spiritual allies you need to create your world.
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Inside the Magic of Qabala

That’s simple really: I love seekers. You know, those of us who are searching for meaning in life, the universe & everything. And especially those who are brave enough to explore hidden, occult places like Astrology, Tarot & Magic to find it.

Still, it’s easy to feel like the Hero who got left behind with powerful experiences, yet no instruction manual for how it all works.

I’ve got really good news then! The Magic of Qabala is the Map and Guidebook to the Deeper Mysteries that you’ve been looking for…

Unfortunately, it took me years of study to figure out such a map even existed. Now I want to help you harness its power in a fraction of the time it took me. 

And I’m 100 percent certain you can.

Grab Magic of Qabala today!

Yes, I want this NOW!
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Mary S.

“As usual, Donna, you blew me away. Your knowledge is incredible. I really knew nothing about Qabala. Now I see there are overlaps, connections & similarities in most mystical, metaphysical teachings -- Qabala is a thread that visibly or invisibly brings it all together. I am fascinated, intrigued & excited for the journey.” 

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Magic of Qabala

True North

Explore a brief history of Qabala, Hermetic philosophy, & the Tree of Life

True North

Discover hidden correspondences between Western Magic’s sacred symbols

True North

Learn practical Qabala tips for your Astrology, Magic or Tarot

True North

Walk the secret pathways of your psychic landscape & deepen your self-understanding

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“I'm on a path in my life and it's all about continually growing so that is what I've set out to do. This is the next door into the spiritual world for me and an investment in myself.”

What you get with your Magic of Qabala Course

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A Framework

for understanding Qabala that is fast and easily accessible for anyone to begin using immediately.

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Video & Audio Recordings

Stream lessons on your desktop or listen on the go by downloading the audio or accessing it via the app

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Study Guides

An enchanted guide to make it easier for you to take notes as you follow along and quickly reference key points.

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To help you integrate what you're learning, so you can build your skills to practice on your own.

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Weekly Live Q&A

We all need a little extra help sometimes, so stop by my weekly office hours and I’ll do my best to answer your questions

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And More...

Little surprises along the way.


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“A brilliant, concise, coherent presentation. Thank you so much for explaining Q-B-L, and how it’s used as a tool for recognizing pairs of opposites, like the polarities in Astrology. I can't wait for more… Riveting!”

Course Overview

The Magic of Qabala is more than a course -- it’s a 12-week self-actualization retreat.

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“Oh my goodness, I am so grateful! This has been the much-needed next step for me for a while now."

Who is Magic of Qabala for?

Magical Curious

You're just getting started in your Magical studies, and you're curious about how learning to use Qabala can expand your Magical practice in powerful ways.

Witches, Pagans & Shamans

You have an extensive Magical practice, but you want to add another layer and learn qabalistic techniques to support your Magical workings.

Astrology & Tarot Lovers

If you want to know how Astrology & Tarot can work together to produce powerful change, Qabala is the secret sauce you absolutely need

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“Donna is brilliant! I love listening to her, no matter the topic! Qabala is a great addition to her courses."

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The Magic of Qabala includes everything you need to apply the secrets of Qabala to make your life more Magical.

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$485 one-time payment

or $178 per month for 3 months


♦️A framework for integrating Qabala into your Magical practice

♦️Video & Audio Recordings so you can stream each lesson where & when it's convenient for you 

♦️Study Guides for each lesson to help you remember & integrate what you've learned

 ♦️Quick Reference Guides & other handy worksheets

 ♦️Suggested homework & meditations so you can deepen your learning experience with personal practice

♦️Live weekly Q&A sessions to process what you have learned

For Coven Members


$325 one-time payment

or $121 per month for 3 months 
or $61 per month for 6 months  


♦️ Everything listed for non Coven members


♦️ Immediate access to 75+ hours of Magical training videos, audios & study guides

♦️ Immediate access to 50+ guided visualization meditations for improving psychic skills, meeting Spirit allies & soul healing

♦️Live divinations, spells & guided meditations for the New & Full Moons, Sun tides & other witchy celebrations

♦️ A 33% discount on all Magic School courses and events

♦️ A Vibrant Community for sharing your Magical Journey

$485 one-time payment
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“Just watched yesterday’s Qabala class….OHHHHHHH HOW EXCITED I am to learn how to use this tool. I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks & plotting my own journey “up the Tree” even if I never get beyond the first “branch”! I feel like The Fool starting out on a grand adventure!”

Frequently Asked Questions

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“Donna is gifted with words. her explanations made a very complicated subject accessible and easy to understand”

I need this now!