It's time to author your own future. 

Write Your 2024 Story

A Journaling Adventure

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It's time to write your own future. 

Your 2024 Story

Thursday, Jan. 4

3-5 p.m. Eastern U.S. 

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Once upon a time...

is how all the classic tales begin.

But in this adventure, YOU are the Hero, and the author as well. 

In this special workshop, learn how to use the mystical language of astrology to write your own Story of of 2024.

Meet your story-telling, star-loving guides

Donna Woodwell, author, astrologer & witchy headmistress of the School of Magic & Mastery

Kathy Biehl, author and dot-connecting astrologer behind Empowerment Unlimited

The Goodies You Get

Join wise witchy astrologers Donna Woodwell & Kathy Biehl on a tell-it-like-it-will-be exploration of the year ahead, featuring:

  • A tour of the celestial lineup for the year, including alignments, eclipses, retrogrades & more
  • Learn how to¬†identify the cosmic forces that may affect you personally
  • Suggestions for self-work & journaling questions you can use to make the most of planetary energies
  • A 48-page DIY workbook with a calendar of astrological events, and tools to personalize major astrological themes
  • Q&A Follow-up sessions to answer the questions that come up as you work
All of this for just $27!
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