Podcast Show Notes, Episode 008

Jul 07, 2020


On Tarot and Shadows

Release Date:  July 7, 2020

Length: 19:12


One of the most fascinating tools for tapping into what’s hiding in your shadows is Tarot. In this episode, Donna explores the magical roots of tarot, and how you can use it to explore what lies within.

Favorite Quotes

Working with Tarot doesn’t have to be hard, or even done by mysterious candlelight. You can just have a conversation with it, as if you would a friend.


3:53 What is Divination?

7:21 A Brief History of Tarot

10:02 The Myth of Descent and Return

14:11 Experiment of the Week

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Magic of Tarot Course

Universal Waite-Smith Tarot Deck

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