Podcast Show Notes, Episode 027

Nov 11, 2021

The Essential Tarot

Release Date: Nov. 11, 2021

Length: 35:28


The Magician. The Wheel of Fortune. Death. These Tarot cards show up on TV and in movies to inspire both fear and curiosity. Join Donna Woodwell as she tackles the six most frequently asked questions about Tarot, plus the most important question of all: why you want to learn how to use this unique self-discovery tool.


1:59 New Podcast Q&A Episode Format

3:37 Donna discovers Tarot

5:08 Question 1: What is Tarot?

8:15 Question 2: What is the RWS Tarot?

12:10 Question 3: What are the Major Arcana?

14:17 Question 4: What are the Minor Arcana?

17:43 Question 5: What are the Court Cards?

22:54 Question 6: What is the best Tarot guide?

25:18 Why is learning Tarot important?

27:06 Experiment

Links from the Show

Robert V. O'Neill. Tarot Symbolism (This book is out of print, so check your inter-library loan)

The Magic of Tarot, Donna's 16-Week Tarot Course

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"Crowd Hammer" by Kevin MacLeod ( https://incompetech.com )
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