Aquarius Horoscope 2023

Jan 19, 2023
Aquarius Horoscope 2023

The maxim "It's always darkest before the dawn," applies the Aquarian experience. It's both the tower the Ego builds to protect and preserve itself, as well as the lightning bolt that knocks us off our exalted perch. Aquarius lessons teach detachment and limits, as well as breakthrough and innovation. 

But each year, thanks to an ever-moving sky, Zodiac signs manifest a little differently. So, let’s dive into the astrological energies that set the 2023 Aquarius Season apart from other years.

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This year, the Sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 20, 2023, at 2:29 am CST, and remains there until Feb. 18, 2023, at 4:34 pm CST. Here's the solar chart for the 2023 Aquarius ingress:

2023 Aquarius Ingress Astrological Data

  • Sun’s Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Aspects to the Sun: Sun sextile Jupiter
  • Location of Sign Ruler: Saturn in Aquarius
  • Aspects to the Sign Ruler: Venus conjunct Saturn
  • Location of the Moon: Capricorn
  • Aspects to the Moon: Moon conjunct Mercury in Capricorn
  • Important Upcoming Aspects this month: No retrogrades

Now let’s get into what sets the 2023 Aquarius Season apart from those in other years.

As this Aquairus season begins, the Sun’s sextile jovial Jupiter in Aries. Sextiles are like Venus, they encourage us to find the pleasant, easy gifts of the situation. Jupiter always encourages us to look on the bright side of the situation; in this case, a little positive thinking may go a long way to helping you through.

Aquarius’ ruler Saturn is content moving through Aquarius, his home turf, where he’s meeting up with sweet Venus. Here again, is a reminder to find the silver lining in the situation. Whistle while you work, so to speak. If you do, you’ll find the time passes more easily.

The Moon sets the emotional tone of the season, this Aquarius season the Moon’s keeping its head down as it trudges through Capricorn. This may not be the most comfortable moment in time, but if you “keep moving forward” you will come out the other side and be better for it. So delay gratification.

The Moon’s also conjunct Mercury in Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn gives our minds a practical turn; we seek to simplify and organize our mundane experiences. It also helps us give words to our feelings and sensations, in a way that can help us make sense of them in productive ways.

Perhaps the most unusual thing happening in the coming month is the beginning of a 3-month stretch of no retrograde planets. When nothing is retrograde, there’s nothing slowing us down, for good or ill. It’s a great time to put your plans in action. However, you might want to bounce your ideas of a friend or two, and get a second opinion, since there’s very little to prevent things from spinning out where you didn’t expect

Best Approach to Aquarius 2023

Your best approach this Aquarius season? The cosmos will support a positive approach to what’s in front of you. Everything may not be perfect, but if you take it one step at a time you’ll make it through. If you can keep a cool head, and not create unnecessary drama for yourself, you may even discover something that takes you to a whole new level of experience.

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