Lunar Mansion 14: Al Simak

Jul 25, 2022
Title reads Lunar Mansion 14: Al Simak

Lunar Mansion 14

The Harvest

Ancient Name: Al Simak (The Unarmed)

17°08’34″ Virgo to 0° Libra

To separate the wheat from the chaff

Do: End relationships or jobs that aren't fulfilling your needs. Move or relocate.

Don't: Cling to situations for fear of change.

(Sun in lunar mansion 14 from September 9 – September 20)

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Lunar Mansions in History

From Al Biruni, 11th Century Al-simak, the unarmed one of the two considered by the Arabs to be the hind legs of their lion, but according to the Greeks al-azal is an ear of corn, στάχυς, in the hand of Virgo which the translators have rendered by sunbulah, (Spica). It is sunbulah by which the sixth sign is so well-known. It occupies a similar position to that of al-dafirah (in its relation to Leo.)

From Abenragel, 11th Century

Indian Astrology - Good for marrying a woman who is not a virgin, for medicines, sowing and planting. Bad for journeys or entrusting something to someone.

Dorotheos - Good to start a voyage and a partnership, which will be profitable and harmonious, to buy a slave, who will be good, honest and respectful. Marriage with a virgin will not last long, and it is not bad to marry a corrupted woman. If captured, he will soon escape or be released.

From Picatrix, 11th Century The fourteenth Mansion is Azimech, and it is for the separating of men from women. When the Moon has come around to this Mansion, fashion from red wax the image of a dog with his own tail held in his mouth. Cense it with the hair of a dog and the hair of a cat, and say: You, Erdegel, break apart and divide NN from NN, that they shall desire only enmity and evil [between them]. And name whatever person that you wish, and bury [the image] in the place where they are. And know that the name of the lord of this Mansion is Erdegel.

From Agrippa, 16th Century Achureth, Arimes, Azimeth, Albumech, Alcheymech. Virgo’s ear of corn. 17°08’34″ Virgo Favors marital love, healing of sick, good for journeys by sea but bad for land. Divorce and separation of the man from the woman. A dog biting his tail.

From Robson, 20th Century Al Simak. alpha Virgo [Spica]. (Mansion 12: 23 Lib 55' in 2007) The Unarmed. Causes marital love, cures the sick, helps sailors but hinders journeys by land. With Moon here, dig but do not marry or travel.

From Stockinger, 21st Century Mansion 14: al-Simak, The Spike of Virgo, 17* Virgo 8’ to 0* Libra.

Signification: Favourable to attract friendship and romance; to strengthen conjugal love and to restore health completely through medical treatment. Unfavourable in the first year of marriage and for journeys by land.

Make talismans for separation and divorce.

From Warnock, 21st Century

The passion that led to ecstatic fusion in the previous mansion now spins outwards. The image of this mansion is a dog with a tail in his mouth, suggests a futile chase. This mansion reminds us of the transitory nature of great passion. There is a fine line between love and aversion, such that this mansion by be auspicious for romantic love, but may also signify conflict. This mansion is generally a positive indication if we wish to end a relationship or leave a job. It is also auspicious for moving house…. We must be wary of the impulse to fight with those whose temperament is opposite to our own. Al Simak might also indicate that we need to remove ourselves from an uncomfortable situation that goes against our nature.

Keywords: Severance, breaking apart of restrictive or inappropriate bonds, dissolution

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