A Comprehensive Guide to the Lunar Mansions

Apr 19, 2022
A Comprehensive Guide to the Lunar Mansions

You're probably familiar with the 12 signs of the solar Zodiac – Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so on. But did you know there is also a lunar Zodiac, one that’s far older than the solar one?

A Lunar Zodiac

Each night as the Moon travels along her orbital path, she appears amidst a new handful of stars, called “asterisms.” These baby constellations are the basis of a 28-sign lunar Zodiac.

In India the lunar zodiac constellations are called nakshatras, but in Western astrology they are known as the Mansions of the Moon, or just lunar mansions for short.

A Key to Moon Magic

In Medieval and Renaissance astrologers saw the lunar mansions as an important tool for choosing the best times to take action, whether mundane or magical.

Modern Nicknames for Lunar Mansions

To make the lunar mansions a little easier for me to use, I gave them all nicknames to help me remember their essential meanings.

Click on the links below to navigate to posts on each of the 28 Mansions of the Moon. Each discussion includes auspicious activities, as well as a spells or rituals for working with the energy of the mansion.

For those who want to research further, I've also included quotes from how astrologers throughout history have described the energy of each lunar mansion.

Lunar Mansion 1: Al Sharatain, or The Lance

Lunar Mansion 2: Al Butain, or The Olive Branch

Lunar Mansion 3: Al Thurayya, or The Lady

Lunar Mansion 4: Al Dabaran, or The Rider

Lunar Mansion 5: Al Hak'ah, or The Crown

Lunar Mansion 6: Al Han'ah, or The Lovers

Lunar Mansion 7: Al Dhira, or The Open Hand

Lunar Mansion 8: Al Nathrah, or The Eagle

Lunar Manson 9: Al Tarf, or The Eye

Lunar Mansion 10: Al Jabhah, or The Lion

Lunar Mansion 11: Al Zubrah, or The Bracelet

Lunar Mansion 12: Al Sarfrah, or The Dragon

Lunar Manson 13: Al Awwa, or The Alchemist

Lunar Mansion 14: Al Simak, or The Harvest

Lunar Mansion 15: Al Ghafr, or The Scribe

Lunar Mansion 16: Al Jubana, or The Scales

Lunar Mansion 17: Iklil al Jabhah, or The Monkey

Lunar Mansion 18: Al Kalb, or The Caduceus

Lunar Mansion 19: Al Shaulah, or The Stinger

Lunar Mansion 20: Al Na'am, or The Hunter

Lunar Mansion 21: Al Baldah, or The Closed Door

Lunar Mansion 22: Al Sa'd al Dhabih, or The Winged Messenger

Lunar Mansion 23: Al Sa'd al Bula, or The Jackal

Lunar Mansion 24: Al Sa'd al Su'ud, or The Mother

Lunar Mansion 25: Al Sa'd al Ahbiya, or The Butterfly

Lunar Mansion 26: Al Fargh al Mukdin, or The Muse

Lunar Mansion 27: Al Fargh al Thani, or The Water Wheel

Lunar Mansion 28: Al Batn al Hut, or The Fish