Lunar Mansion 17: Iklil al Jabhah

Aug 15, 2022
Title reads Lunar Mansion 17: Iklil al Jabhah

Lunar Mansion 17

The Monkey

Ancient Name: Iklil al Jabhah (The Forehead)

25°42’51″ Libra to 8°34’17″ Scorpio

For protection from deceivers, loss and theft

Do: Act with caution. Be conservative, especially in financial matters.

Don't: Engage in risky behaviour. Allow fear to paralyze you.

(Sun in lunar mansion 17 from October 18 to October 30)

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Lunar Mansions in History

Al Biruni

Al iklil or the crown, three bright stars from the forehead of Scorpius, arranged in a slightly curved line from north to south.


Indian Astrology -  Good to buy flocks and livestock, to change their pasture, to put on new jewellery and besiege towns.

Dorotheos - Good for starting building, which will be solid and durable, for settling a dispute between two people, to foster love, and love begun will be absolutely solid and last forever. Good for all medicine. Voyages started will bring anxiety and sorrows, but he will survive. Partnerships started will bring discord, and he who marries, will find his wife impure. Bad for selling slaves or cutting hair.


The seventeenth Mansion is Alichil, and it is [for workings] that thieves may not enter into the house and to drive away similar types of people. When the Moon has entered this Mansion, fashion the figure of a monkey in an iron seal, holding his hands above his shoulders . Cense it with the hair of a monkey and the hair of a female mouse, and wrap it in a monkey skin. It should then be buried in your house, while saying: You, Adrieb, guard all my things and everything that exists within this house, nor let it be entered by thieves. When the aforesaid [procedure] has been done, thieves will flee from your house. And know that Adrieb is the name of the lord of this Mansion.


Alchil. crown of Scorpio 25°42’51″ Libra. improves bad fortune, helps love to last, strengthens buildings, helps sailors against thieves and robbers. An ape.


Iklil al Jabhah. beta [Acrab] with delta [Dschubba] and pi Scorpius. (Masion 15: 3SAG12' in 2007.) The Crown of the Forehead.

Improves misfortune, makes love durable, strengthens buildings and helps seamen. With Moon here, build, sow, plant, navigate but do not marry.


Mansion 17: al-Iklik, The Crown of Scorpion, 25* Libra 42’ to 8* Scorpio 34’.

Signification: Favourable for marriage, friendship and general fortune.

Make pentacles for the strengthening of conjugal relations. Cast spells to help those who have been deceived.


The monkey, who appears prominently in the image and talisman of Al Iklil, is a traditional symbol of cleverness and theft. When this mansion appears, it is generally a positive indication in financial questions. We may be in fear of loss, but Al-iklil reassures us that we are, in fact, in a position of safety and security. It also signals us that the period of amassing wealth is past, and now is the time for assessment and safe guarding of what we have accrued. Al-Iklil might also alert us to the possibility of impending loss, which can, with prudence, be avoided.

Keywords: protection of resources, guardianship, security against predatory being or forces

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