Lunar Mansion 19: Al Shaulah

Aug 29, 2022
Title reads Lunar Mansion 19: Al Shaulah

Lunar Mansion 19

The Stinger

Ancient name: Al Shaulah (the Stinger)

21°25’40″ Scorpio and 4°17’09″ Sagittarius

For discernment

Do: Take a stand on what's important to you. Be assertive.  Focus on win-win scenarios.

Don't: Worry about small things. Be aggressive or overbearing.

(Sun in Lunar Mansion 19 Nov. 13 – 25)

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Lunar Mansions in History

From al Biruni, 11th Century Al shaulah, the sting of Sorpius, which is turned towards over the joints of the tail; two stars; two stars bright, but not large, separated by about a span from each other.

From Abenragel, 11th Century

Indian Astrology - Good for besieging towns and encampments, for disputing against enemies, for making a journey, for sowing and for planting trees. Bad for entrusting something to somebody.

Dorotheos - If a man gets married, he will find her not to be a virgin. Bad for voyages, which will end in shipwreck, for partnerships, which will be discordant, for selling slaves, and very bad for a captive.

From Picatrix, 11th Century The nineteenth Mansion is Axaula, and it is for hurrying the menses of women . When the Moon has passed around to this Mansion, fashion from brass (which is drawn forth in a certain manner) a seal, in which sculpt the image of a woman holding her hands before her face. Cense it with liquid storax and say: You, Annucel, cause the blood to flow from such and such a woman - name her here. And it shall be as you asked. If a woman keeps this image tied about her waist, it will keep her happily and without danger [of pregnancy]. And know that Annucel is the name of the lord of this Mansion.

From Agrippa, 16th Century Allatha, Achala, Hycula, Axala. Tail of Scorpio. 21°25’40″ Scorpio. Helps besieging and taking of cities, driving people from positions, destroys sailors and captives facilitating birth and provoking the menstruation.  A woman holding her hands upon her face.

From Robson, 20th Century Al Shaulah. lambda [Shaula] with upsilon Scorpius [Lesath]. (Mansion 17: 24 Sagittarius 40' in 2007). The Sting. Helps in besieging cities, taking towns, driving men from their places, destruction of seamen and captives. With Moon here, buy cattle, hunt but do not marry.

From Stockinger, 21st Century Mansion 19: al-Saula, The Tail of the Scorpion, 21* Scorpio 25’ to 4* Sagittarius 17’. Signification: Favourable for hunting, curing menstrual disorders and personal ideas.

Make talismans for general luck, to facilitate birth and to protect from dangerous energies.

From Warnock, 21st Century This mansion indicates we must be steady and assertive to attain our goals, and may need to be confrontational. It can also signal the onset of arguments and conflict, and warn us that we are behaving in a manner too aggressive or argumentative.  … On a more subtle level, this mansion can indicate a need to acknowledge the normal ebb and flow of events. This mansion evokes feelings of loss and sadness, feelings that are inevitable in life, but which we would avoid given a choice. When this mansion appears, we can prepare for the pain and sorrow it presages, trusting that there is a purpose and order, and that our current suffering will pass.


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