Lunar Mansion 22: Al Sa'd al Dhabih

Sep 19, 2022
Title reads Lunar Mansion 22: Al Sa'd al Dhabih

Lunar Mansion 22

The Winged Messenger

Ancient Name: Al Sa'd al Dhabih (The Lucky One of Assassins)

0° Capricorn to 12°51’22″ Capricorn

For freedom from constraints

Do: Seize the day. Act quickly when opportunity arises. Free yourself from a situation that stifles you.

Don't: Resist change. Give in to your habits.

(Sun in Lunar Mansion 22 from December 21 to January 2)

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Lunar Mansions in History

From al Biruni, 11th Century Sa'd al-dhabih, the sacrificer; here are two stars, not bright, disposed horizontally with more than a cubit between them; both are on the horn of Capricorn. Near them is a third star which the Arabs call a sheep about to be sacrificed.

From Abenragel, 11th Century

Indian Astrology- Good for medicine and journeys, except for last third of day. Good for putting on new clothes.

Dorotheos - Good for entering a partnership, which will bring profit and usefulness, and for entering a ship, though there will be great anxieties from a strong desire to return and the like. A man who becomes engaged will break the engagement before the wedding and die within six months, or the couple will be in conflict and live badly, with the wife mistreating the husband. Bad for buying slaves, who will do ill to their master, or run away, or be irksome or bad. If captured, he will soon gain freedom.

From Picatrix, 11th Century The twenty-second Mansion is Sadahaca. It is for binding tongues so that they do not say anything bad about you. When the Moon is in this mansion make an iron ring and engrave it in the figure of a man with winged feet wearing a helmet and suffumingate it with mercury. And inscribe this image in iron for the safety of fugitives. And say:  "You, Geliel, bind these tongues so they cannot say bad things and make me secure and let N. escape safely from his enemies." Carry this ring with you and make a seal in black wax with the ring to bind tongues. Know that the name of the lord of this Mansion is Geliel.

From Agrippa, 16th Century Sadabacha, Zodeboluch, Zandeldena. The shepherd. 0° Capricorn  Incites the flight of slaves and captives, helping escape, and curing of diseases, the security of [i.e. to catch] runaways.  A man with wings on his feet, bearing an helmet on his head.

From Robson, 201th Century Al Sa'd al Dhabih. alpha [Giedi Prima] with beta [Dahib] Capricornus. (Mansion 20: 4 Aquarius 08' in 2007). The Lucky One of the Slaughterers. Helps the escape of servants and captives and the curing of diseases. With Moon here, take medicine, travel, but do not lend money or marry.

From Stockinger, 21st Century Mansion 22: Sa’d al-Dabih, The Fortunate of the Assassins, 0* Capricorn to 12* Capricorn 51’ Signification: Successful liberation from any kind of restriction. Unfavourable for marriage and loans of money. Make talismans to cure sickness and to form bonds of alliance.

From Warnock, 21st Century This is a mansion of speed, but also a mansion of escape. When it appears we may soon receive a message or the answer to our queries. It also signifies the end of an illness and the onset of recovery. Or it may indicate that we are escaping from an undesirable situation. Sa'd al-Dhabih also warns us that it may be necessary to emulate the image of this Mansion and act quickly in order to escape, or that we are in need of liberation from an intolerable situation. Often we become too set in our ways, willing to put up with all sorts of pressures rather than make necessary changes. This mansion might signal that we are going to lose a job or otherwise be shaken up by the energy of change, As stressful as this may be, we will eventually realize that we have gained our freedom. 

Keywords: Escape from limitation, liberation from constraint, swift flight, deliverance, healing energy