Lunar Mansion 5: Al Hak'ah, of The Crown

May 23, 2022
Lunar Mansion 5: Al Hak'ah, or The Crown

About Lunar Mansion 5

The Arabic name for Lunar Mansion 5 is Al Hak'ah, which means "the white spot." In the Tropical Zodiac, Lunar Mansion 5 extends from 21°25’40″ Taurus to 4°17’09″ Gemini.

I nicknamed this mansion The Crown. When the Moon is here, it's an auspicious time for applying creativity and intelligence.

Do: Solve problems. Seek a job or a raise. Engage in intellectual pursuits. Make wishes and set intentions. Travel.

Don't: Follow the crowd or seek to convince someone else to do your work for you.

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Spell for Lunar Mansion 5

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Lunar Mansions in History

Astrologers throughout the ages have commented on the meaning of the lunar mansions. Here's what's been written about Lunar Mansion 5.

From Al Biruni, 11th Century

Al-haq'a is formed by three small stars from the head of Orion arranged like a trivet, so close together that they look like one. On this account Ptolemy regarded them as a single nebula.

From Abenragel, 11th Century:

Indian Astrology: Good for contracting marriage, for putting boys to study laws, scriptures or writing, for making medicines, for making a journey.

Dorotheos: Good for buying slaves, who will be good and loyal, for building, for travel by water, for washing head, indeed general washing, and cutting hair. Bad for partnerships. If captured, imprisonment will be long, unless captured for skills, when he will escape.

From Picatrix, 11th Century

The fifth Mansion is Almizen, and it is for receiving good from kings and high officials. When the Moon has passed into this Mansion, fashion a sign from silver in which should be sculpted the head of a man without a body, and above the head should be written the name of the lord of this Mansion; and when writing this seal, make your request for whatever you desire. Fumigate it with white sandalwood, and say: You, Cabil, fulfill my desire and grant my petition, namely, that I shall receive good things and the best from the king and his councilors. When this [image] has been made, carry this seal with you and your petition will be granted. [Also] when you wish to see anything in your dreams, place this image in your bed beneath your head at night, and think always of what you wish [to see] and what you asked of shall be made clear to you. And know that Cabil is the name of the lord of this Mansion.

From Henry Cornelius Agrippa, 16th Century

Alchataya or Albachaya. Helps safe return from journey, instruction of pupils, confirms buildings, gives health and good will. The favour of kings and officers. The head of a man.

From Vivian Robson, 20th Century

Al Hak'ah. lambda [Meissa] with phi Orion. A White Spot. Helps the return from a journey, the instruction of scholars, building, and gives health and goodwill. With Moon here, begin war but do not sow or undertake any good.

From Peter Stockinger, 21st Century

Al-Haq’a, The White Spot. Favorable for travel and change of residence and for health and benevolence. Unfavorable influence on associations and collective enterprises. Make talismans for good entertainment and official favors.

From Christopher Warnock, 21st Century

Al-Haqa's image is a crowned head, befitting the Martial and Mercurial nature of its stars. This is a Mansion of thought and mind. It signifies the energy of the Mind of the Universe, particularly as manifest in the intellect of each person. It indicates the successful solution of an intellectual problem or the necessity of applying intelligence to a current dilemma. The image of the king signifies success in seeking a favor, a raise or job from a superior. It also alludes to the metaphor of the mind as king, ruling over the body, as the king rules over the body politic. It calls upon us to apply our intelligence in a noble and honorable fashion, and not to resort to low cunning or trickery. 

Keywords: Universal body, favor, intellectual activity, health and goodwill, safety.