Make the Most of Leo Season

Jul 21, 2023
Make the Most of Leo Season

Welcome to Leo Season. Each year from July 21 through August 22, the Sun travels through the Zodiac sign of the Lion. Discover the hidden history of Leo and how you can navigate its sparkling energy with passion and purpose.

Find out more about the energy of the 2023 Leo Horoscope.

Leo & Mythology

Here comes the Sun! In ancient Egypt, the annual flooding of the Nile in July marked the beginning of a new year. That meant the Sun’s entrance into the sign of the Lion closely aligned with the new year’s festivities. So, it’s no surprise then that Leo marked the start of the mythology of the Zodiac.

The astrological Zodiac, a word which translates as “the Way of Life,” describes the archetypal Hero’s journey (also called the myth of Descent and Return by scholars who study such things).

In astrology, the Sun represents the divine Hero. Sol is the child who enters the physical world, becomes enchanted, and then must struggle to break free and return to its divine home again, wiser for the journey.

Leo is the beginning of the journey. The individualized “spark” of the divine first becomes aware of itself, and its own creative nature, as a reflection of the divine Oneness. It’s chief desire? To shine it’s divine light into the world.

Leo & Astrology

Now we can begin to understand what’s motivating the Lion, as encoded in its astrological symbolism. Consider these as you contemplate

  • Ruled by the fiery Sun, Leo is the divine light that contains the seeds of all things. It’s also the conscience awareness that allows us to perceive our experience.
  • As a fixed sign, Leo’s flames are constant and ever-burning. It’s the divine spark within each one of us that can be ignored, but never extinguished.
  • Saturn is in detriment in Leo. Saturn is cold and dark; he’s uncomfortable in the long hot days of the northern summer.
  • Leo’s constellation is the Lion. Lions are social predators. The “king” lion rules over his pride, organizing the hunt and fending off all challengers.

 Make the Most of a Leo Horoscope

Given that Leo is ruled by the Sun, the season charges up our solar nature. The atmosphere is vital and energized, and we may embrace actions that seem noble, even heroic. On the downside, the glare of the spotlight can make some feel nervous about what others may think. 

Make the best of the Leo energies by staying focused on your authentic calling. Listen for the voice in your heart, and follow it. Ignore your worries about what others may think; it’s not really about them. It’s about you learning how to be YOU. Allow the solar energy to light your inner fire.