Make the Most of Virgo Season

Aug 22, 2023
Make the Most of Virgo Season

Welcome to Virgo Season. Each year from August 23 through September 21, the Sun travels through the Zodiac sign of the Virgin. Discover the hidden history of Virgo and how you can navigate its down-to-earth energy with discernment and grace.

Find out more about the energy of the 2023 Virgo Horoscope.

Virgo & Mythology

Critical. Nitpicking. Anxiety-prone. The keywords for Virgo in astrology books aren’t very flattering.

And, they completely miss the real meaning of Virgo.

See, as the Sun travels across the background of stars through the Wheel of the Year, the ancient imagined it traced out that iconic Hero’s journey across the background of stars.

In Leo season, through its association with the Sun, we explore the divine spark of consciousness within all things. It’s a time to celebrate our divine heritage, with its need to create and play and love.

As the Sun moves into Virgo, we find the divine spark taking form in the physical world. In other words, the Divine is born in the arms of a Virgin. We realize we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

And that is the essence of Virgo. This Spirit, still recalling the ideals of its heavenly home, is compelled to bring the Divine light down to Earth so that all may be illuminated.

Virgo & Astrology

Now we can begin to understand what’s motivating the Virgin, as encoded in its astrological symbolism. Consider these as you contemplate

  • Virgo is ruled by the god’s messenger Mercury, one who can quickly travel from the heights to the depths. Mercury is also called a psychopomp, a guide to souls as they travel between worlds. 
  • Not only does Mercury rule Virgo, he’s also exalted in Virgo. In other words, Mercury exalts itself. That’s a profound statement about the nature of Virgo. When the soul remembers its true nature as a divine being, it elevates itself.
  • An Earth sign, Virgo's focus in on birthing the ideal into the physical, mundane world.
  • As a mutable sign, Virgo’s energy is variable and tentative. It brings things into being, and helps them to pass away.
  • Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo. Jupiter yearns to rise upwards and outwards. His don’t-fence-me-in nature is at odds with Virgo’s struggle to bring the divine down into a three-dimensional experience.
  • Virgo’s constellation is a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat. In mythology, it’s a symbol of being “whole unto oneself,” the sovereign of one’s own existence. That sovereignty comes from the union of the divine spark within a physical form.

 Make the Most of a Virgo Horoscope

Consequently, Virgo is at its best when it cultivates its connection with the Divine as the deep well of inspiration for its earthly creations. Virgo excels at creating life and art that is simple, meaningful and aligned with Spirit.

Of course, things can go very wrong when Virgo's energy forgets its Divine origins. It’s this forgetting that’s the source of all the bad press Virgo gets. Without deep roots in Spirit, Virgo’s actions may become narrow-minded and neurotic. 

You can make the most of Virgo season by simplifying your life, and reflecting on the meanings behind your actions. If what you’re doing isn't supporting your Divine self, or of service to the Divine plan, it’s time to make changes and manifest something else.