2024 Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

Apr 08, 2024
2024 Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

Are you ready to get revved? If a typical Aries New Moon is great for goosing your get-up-and go, this one may douse you with gasoline. That's because it's a Total Solar eclipse, visible by hundred of millions of people across North America.

It's likely to inaugurate some potent changes over the following weeks, as the eclipse gets activated again and again by planets revisting it's potent performance. If you've got stuff -- jobs, relationships, living arrangements -- that's past their sell-by date, you may find the urge to purge follows you for the next few months.

Want to dive into the details, read on!

About the New Moon in Aries

The annual Aires New Moon occurs between Mar. 20 and April 19. From the point of view of the Northern Hemisphere, spring is here. Leaves burst forth, flowers bloom, and life awakes from its annual slumber.

The Sun exalts in his return to Aries; he returns to his dominion over Northern skies. For the next six months, daylight hours are longer than nighttime hours. Conscious, outward activity is prioritized over gestation and inner work. Ask yourself, what do you want to create?

Because the Aries New Moon is a non-nonsense, shoot-from-the-hip position. The Sun is stronger than the Moon here, which means our emotions take a back seat to our solar desires. Without other factors to slow things down, we’re likely to act impulsively without much thought for the consequences.

The secret to success under an Aries New Moon? Hopefully, you know what you want and need before the Aries New Moon because there won’t be a lot of patience to wait for your careful consideration. The Aries New Moon is going to MOVE, and it's going to choose the most direct path to get there. Do your best to direct the Ram’s Horns to what you truly want and need.

If you want to learn more about the Zodiac sign Aries, check out my post on how to Make the Most of Aries Season.

Now let’s get into what sets this Aries New Moon apart from those in other years...

2024 Aries New Moon Astrological Data

**Total Solar Eclipse**

  • Moon Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Moon Speed: Fast
  • Moon Declination: In bounds
  • Lunar Mansion: 2 Al Butain (nickname: The Olive Branch)
  • Aspects to the Sun/Moon: Sun & Moon conjunct Mercury in Aries
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mars in Pisces
  • Aspects to the Moon’s Ruler: Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces; sextile Jupiter in Taurus
  • Other Considerations: Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

2024 Aries New Moon Horoscope

The Aries New Moon Total solar eclipse is such a cultural event it has a name: the second (or third) Great American Eclipse or the Great North American Eclipse. Most of the 579 million people living on the continent may be able to see the partial eclipse, with 32 million people living in the path of totality. Even the muggles will pay attention to this one.

It’s also likely to be a visually spectacular eclipse. Eclipses in this family (Saros cycle 139) are known for their extra-long eclipse totality. At its maximum point, this eclipse is nearly 4-½ minutes long. (In 2186, the longest eclipse in the cycle will have a whopping 7-½ minutes.) That’s because eclipses in this series occur on Supermoons when the Moon is near its closest point to the Earth in its orbit.

Though the Sun is being eclipsed, it has no desire to be outdone. The eclipse is occurring while our star is close to the solar maximum in its 11-year cycle. The corona seen around the Moon will likely be extra bright, active and wide.

And that’s not all that set this eclipse apart. At the time of totality, when the sky is dark enough that stars will be visible in the daytime, we’ll also be treated to a view of all of the other visible planets. Mercury and Venus are in Aries and will bracket the Sun. Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Pisces, hanging above the Western horizon. Finally, Jupiter in Taurus is off to the east of the Sun. Seeing them all during an eclipse is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime event.

In astrological lore, north-node eclipses like this one herald the arrival of something new. The April 2024 New Moon is moving faster than usual since it occurs near its closest approach to Earth. Tides run higher, and so does our need to get moving. Going with your gut just feels right, and you may want to follow it (even if it’s you look back and discover it wasn’t the best move after all.) When in doubt, get a second opinion from a trusted friend with a more objective point of view.

The eclipse lord is Aries’ ruler Mars. Usually, the red planet wants to do its own thing and doesn’t care much about what others think about it. However, at this New Moon, Mars is drifting in Pisces, his only grounding coming from his traveling companion Saturn. Mars-Saturn meetups were traditionally considered an ill omen since they are associated with “malefic” (read unpleasant or challenging) experiences. Here Mars’ anger can turn into self-pity and blame, which is a sticky combination, SThe eclipse may force us to deal with the consequences of war and conflict. But it’s also a sign of acts of self-sacrifice for something greater than oneself (for good or for ill.)

This New Moon is flirting with cheeky Mercury retrograde in Aries. This fiery fast-talker is famous (or infamous) for being blunt. It’s a plus for cutting through social niceties, or a challenge if those are required. But words may feel sharper than intended, which may pour fuel on any simmering conflicts.

It’s a good thing there’s also another tool in your kit. This New Moon falls in the 2nd Lunar mansion, Al Butain. I nicknamed it the Olive Branch. Its energy is ideal for releasing anger and diffusing conflicts. If you’ve been carrying around grudges and resentments, it's time to realize holding on is holding you back. It may be time to lighten the load. It’s a skill you may find you need if things get heated and you’ve got to count to 10 before doing or saying something you may regret.

This eclipse occurs just a few weeks before a slower-moving story unfolds: the Apri 25 conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. These two planets meet up once every 13 years, give or take. Jupiter uplifts and expands what it touches, while Uranus likes to shake things up so we don’t get too set in our ways. Put the two together and we get a strong drive for freedom for soul-centered self-expression, even if it means upsetting our cozy nest to do it.

Best Approach to 2024 Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

That’s a lot of potent cosmic stuff happening all at once. It’s likely to act as an accelerant to any brewing social and political conflicts. But some things need to explode out in the open for a deeper healing to begin.

The results you see will likely come down to the intentions you set. If you’re set on growth and illumination, that’s what you’ll find. But if you’re allowing your Shadow to rule your actions, you’ll also see the results manifest in their full glory. It’s up to you to decide the world you want to create.

"Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior."

Carl Jung