2024 Virgo Full Moon

Feb 21, 2024
2024 Virgo Full Moon

To some, Virgo and Pisces may seem like the Odd Couple of the Zodiac. Virgo's fussy and nitpicking, while Pisces' daydreamy approach doesn't even notice the chaos all around. 

But the thing is, that's just a superficial understanding of their dynamic. And it's definitely not true for the 2024 Virgo Full Moon.

This lunation proves the adage "opposites attract." If you've got creating to do, there's no better time than the this week's Full Moon in Virgo 

About the Full Moon in Virgo

We encounter the annual Virgo Full Moon each year between Feb. 19 and March 20. In the northern hemisphere, it’s the final full Moon before the beginning of Spring. And so it contains all of the restless promise of the “night before” something is about to happen -- all the hopes and anxieties, and the restless desire to do something.

All Full Moons are energy-charged moments, and the Virgo full Moon. Is no exception. There’s a desire to “fix” things… move them around or change so that the result is better, more efficient or more whole. It’s definitely the “spring cleaning” Moon.

This impulse is especially true for physical objects. If Pisces yearns for wholeness and union with the divine, the Virgo full Moon attempts to create a physical world that reflects that deep yearning for completion (that’s what the root of the Latin word perfection means, to complete or make whole.)

Making the best of the Virgo Full Moon is a balancing act. It’s a great time for clearing out the clutter and coming up with new organization systems for other life improvement plans. But it’s also essential to remember that perfection isn’t an end goal, it’s a process. You can use its pursuit as a “north star” to guide you but don’t forget that while stars guide, they will never be within your grasp. Keep moving forward.

If you want to learn more about the Zodiac sign Pisces, check out my post on how to Make the Most of Pisces Season.

Now let’s get into what sets this Virgo Full Moon apart from those in other years...

2024 Virgo Full Moon Astrological Data

  • Time: Feb. 24, 2024, 7:30 a.m. Eastern U.S.
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Speed: Slow
  • Declination: In bounds
  • Lunar Mansion: 10 Al Jabbah (Nickname: The Lion)
  • Aspects to the Moon: Moon opposite Mercury and Saturn in Pisces, trine Jupiter in Taurus
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mercury in Pisces (in detriment and fall)
  • Moon Ruler Aspects: (see above)
  • Other Considerations: Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces

2024 Virgo Full Moon Horoscope

Now let’s get into what sets this Virgo Full Moon apart from those in other years.

The 2024 Virgo Full Moon explores the art of balancing polarities. Synchronistically, this Full Moon falls in the 13th Lunar mansion, Al Awwa. I nicknamed it the Alchemist. Its energy is ideal for “for passionate and creative union.” It’s the perfect time to experiment. Consider what new possibilities arise when you combine unexpected elements or complementary polarities. It may not be the best time for long-term commitments, but its energy can help you get outside the ruts you’ve been stuck in.

The Moon sits all alone in Virgo, opposite a whopping four planets in Pisces – the Sun, plus Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. Of course, the Sun and Moon are always in opposite signs at a Full Moon, the eternal dance of yang and yin. The Sun illuminates our divine dreams and visions in Pisces; while the Moon in Virgo seeks to remind us that our purpose is to make our dreams manifest on the earth plane. It’s the Full Moon that reminds us most of the importance of connecting Above and Below.

Continuing his three-year journey through Pisces, Saturn’s learning the art of being mindful and staying centered in the midst of ceaseless change. Saturn aims to pull our energy downward into manifestation, so we can experience life on the Earth plane. Pisces ruler Jupiter, on the other hand, pulls our energy up so we can remember our divine heritage. Right now, these two are traveling in an easy-going sextile. It’s as if Jupiter is shepherding Saturn through his sign, whispering encouraging words and advice along the way. “You got this. Trust the process. Have faith. Just keep swimming.”

Yet another complementary pair, Venus and Mars, are still caught in the afterglow of their tryst in Aquarius. On an energetic level, Venus desires and draws things inward while Mars seeks and ventures outward. When they work together, desires and actions fuse into a creative union. It’s the perfect time for making your desires manifest.

Virgo’s ruler Mercury is the planet charged with helping odd couples to harmonize. But at this lunation, Mercury’s not at his best. He’s in detriment and in fall, which is astrology-speak for he’s feeling dazed and confused by the shifting waters of Pisces. While here, Mercury may find expression easier through art, music, verse and fantasy. He’s happy to get lost in his own thoughts, which isn’t always useful if you’re trying to get work done in the world. But let him celebrate and explore his dreams, and he’s a happy little planet.

Also, you might as well take your time. The Full Moon in Virgo is moving slower than normal since it occurs near the furthest point from Earth in its orbit. (It’s sometimes called a “Mircomoon,” since it appears smaller in the skies). This helps us to slow down. Be deliberate and reflective in your decisions and actions. It may also feel like things take longer to come to fruition; patience is your ally.

Make the Most of the 2024 Virgo Full Moon

Whew. That’s a lot of information. So, what’s the short version? It’s the most creative Full Moon we’ve had in a long while. But you can’t force the Magic to happen. It will come from slowing down, making space, and approaching things with a playful heart. In other words, stop trying so hard and just be. When you are still, you may find more comes to you than you ever imagined possible.

"One of the fundamental conditions of happiness is to know that everything that one does has a meaning in eternity."

Titus Burckhardt