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Write Your 2024 Story

"What will the new year bring? How will you make the most of it?" If these are the questions that keep you up at night, then definitely join Donna Woodwell & Kathy Biehl for their annual magical forecast workshop.

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Magic is for Everyone

Magic is your birthright. Getting started is as simple as a click.


Visit my ever-growing collection of Magical forecasts, guides, spells & tips for witchy living.



 Join Donna to explore the crossroads of science, magic, philosophy, astrology & culture.



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Book Club

Love to read? Want to share with like-minded souls? Join our FREE magical book club. 

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Come celebrate solstices, equinoxes & other sacred days with our magical tribe. 

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About Your Guide

Hi, I'm Donna, Astrologer, Magician, Master Teacher, Author & Headmistress of Donna Philosophica's School of Magic & Mastery. I’ve led an enchanted life & I want you to show you how you can, too.

More About Donna

 Got Questions?

About Life, the Universe & Everything?

Me too! I love questions! Having questions means you're processing what you learn, expanding your reality bubble & getting outside your comfort zone. And that's Magical!

That's why I host weekly, FREE Magical Office Hours so we can explore all our questions together.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

No matter your Magical experience level or spell-casting savvy, Magic School has a program to support you on your journey.

The Society of Hour Keepers

You’ve chosen to embrace the cycles of Nature as your spiritual practice. Gather with others to celebrate the cycles of the Moon, Sun & seasons. Each session includes astrology forecasts, spells, rituals, guided ceremonial meditations & fun magical friends.

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The Coven

You want to get serious about your Magical studies. Dive into 100+ hours of magical training, including theory, experimental homework, study guides, guided meditations & more. Also includes membership in the Hour Keepers, plus a supportive magical community.

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Magical Mastermind

You want to master yourself. Learn to harness the power of your intentions, thoughts & emotions to manifest your life’s purpose & create the life of your dreams. Individual circles focus on major life transitions such as building a business or making retirement meaningful.

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What People are Saying about Magic School


I am so excited! So many gems in this school, this is exactly what I have been looking for. As the saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher appears”. I appreciate all the knowledge that Donna brings to everything--thank you Magic School!


I was JUST speaking about what spiritual path I want to go down & about wanting to belong to a community… and you showed up on my Facebook feed. I decided to give it a shot. Boy, am I so glad I did! I know life will be easier now I’ve found my tribe!

Need Private Coaching?

Everyone needs a little me-time. If you want to talk about your purpose in life, finding career direction, getting your new business off the ground, or any other decisions you’ve got to make that are keeping you up at night, a private conversation with Donna can help unlock the Magic in you.

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Essential Lessons for Magical Living

New to the “Craft of the Wise”? Or maybe you’re just looking for some practical tools for witchy living. Either way, these mini-trainings will help you master the basics.

Secrets of Moon Magic

Follow the Moon’s rhythms to awaken the deep healing wisdom slumbering within you.

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Book of Shadows Secret

Develop a daily journaling ritual to live mindfully & integrate all parts of yourself with Grace

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Dream Spell Secrets

Explore how to relax, manage your moods, invoke dreams & cultivate other magical mind fields.

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Graduate-level Witchcraft Courses

Spells, incantations & rituals are written in the symbolic languages of Magic: Astrology, Qabala & Tarot. These 12- to 16-week courses will make you feel like you enrolled in a Grad School for Witches.

Magic of Tarot

Tarot cards are the perfect tool for seeking wisdom from your Higher Self. They’re also a graphic novel that encodes the deepest mysteries of the Western magical tradition. In this 16-week course, you’ll learn to read them fluently for yourself & others to answer life's burning questions.

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Magic of Qabala

Qabala is an elegant roadmap to the mysteries of the cosmos, and to your inner landscape. Understanding it is essential to understanding Magic, and to learning how to master yourself on all levels. In this 12-week course, you’ll discover its secrets for yourself.

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Planetary Magic: The Art of Ritual

Planets symbolize the seven living archetypes laying at the heart of all Magic; their endless cycles manifest the kaleidoscope of cosmos. In this 13-week course, you’ll learn how to befriend the planets & stars as potent allies for co-creating your world.

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Planetary Magic: The Art of Time

Astrology is the art & science of reading the language of Time. In this 12-week course you’ll learn how to understand astrology charts & use them to find the best times for making Magic, to answer the questions that keep you up at night about life, love, money & more.

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What People are Saying about Magic School


Not a week goes by without me referring to something Donna wrote, about Tarot or her lunar mansions or alchemy, or shamanic meditations, she’s the gift that keeps giving always. Thank you so much!


I look forward to every one of your trainings! I just love listening to you ...you are so knowledgeable and have such a wonderful way of "telling the story !" I am so grateful to have found you and your wisdom ! So THANK YOU ! :) 

What can you expect from Magic School?

Our mission is to provide you with the best, most comprehensive Magical training so that you can discover your unique Genius, deepen your Spiritual practice, and learn to co-create your life with grace & joy. All of our classes & courses provide: 

Theory & Structure

It’s easier to learn Magic when you understand its hidden roots, and take a structured approach to your studies. 

Diverse Ideas

Magic is not one-size-fits all. Exploring diverse techniques & ideas will help you learn what’s truly Universal. 


You can’t know what works for you until you try it. All lessons include experiments to try & make Magic in your own life. 

Questions Encouraged

Asking questions helps you think about & apply what you’ve learned. Donna holds weekly Magical Office Hours to answer all of yours.

More Questions? Just ask!

We’re here to help you live your most Magical life. If you have any questions about where to get started, or how to get started, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Email us now at owl (@) magicandmastery.com