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No matter your Magical experience level or spell-casting savvy, Magic School has a program to support you on your journey.

The Society of Hour Keepers

You’ve chosen to embrace the cycles of Nature as your spiritual practice. Gather with others to celebrate the cycles of the Moon, Sun & seasons. Each session includes astrology forecasts, spells, rituals, guided ceremonial meditations & fun magical friends.

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The Coven

You want to get serious about your Magical studies. Dive into 100+ hours of magical training, including theory, experimental homework, study guides, guided meditations & more. Also includes membership in the Hour Keepers, plus a private Facebook community.

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Magical Mastermind

You want to master yourself. Learn to harness the power of your intentions, thoughts & emotions to manifest your life’s purpose & create the life of your dreams. This exclusive mastermind group also includes membership in the Hour Keepers & the Coven.

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