Make the Most of Cancer Season

Jun 22, 2023
Make the Most of Cancer Season

Welcome to Cancer Season. Each year from June 21 through July 20, the Sun travels through the Zodiac sign of the Crab. Discover the hidden history of Cancer and how you can navigate its nurturing energy in safety and serenity.

Find out more about the energy of the 2023 Cancer Horoscope.

Cancer & Mythology

Author Mohit Kaushik (Yenugwar) once wrote: “Let the waves carry you where Light cannot.” It’s a poetic image that evokes the mystery of the ocean, as well as the depths of Cancer season.

It’s also a reminder that logic and intellect can only take us so far. Ultimately the greatest mysteries of life may only be felt and experienced.

Eternal wisdom such as this is the inspiration behind the oldest story, one the ancients wrote in the stars.  The astrological Zodiac, a word which translates as “the Way of Life,” describes the archetypal Hero’s journey (also called the myth of Descent and Return by scholars who study such things).

In astrology, the Sun represents the divine Hero. Sol is the child who enters the physical world, becomes enchanted, then must struggle to break free and return to its divine home again, wiser for the journey.

  • The cycle begins with Leo. Its ruler, the Sun, represents the soul’s divine spark.
  • The soul is incarnated in the arms of a Virgin, Virgo, and guided into manifestation by the divine messenger Mercury.
  • Then in Libra, the Soul falls so in love with the pleasures of incarnation; it “forgets” its divine heritage
  • In Scorpio, the Soul realizes its situation and decides to walk into the unknown to find a solution.
  • In Sagittarius, the Hero meets a guide who offers sage advice on the road ahead.
  • In Capricorn, the Sun must leave behind its mentor. Here the Soul begins its time of testing. Like the labors of Hercules, the Soul develops mastery and excellence through overcoming the obstacles on the path.
  • In Aquarius, the Ego’s reality bubble gets a reset -- a breakdown to make a breakthrough. We see ourselves from a more detached and objective point of view so we can transcend that which limits us.
  • After our breakthrough experience, Pisces brings an expansive rush. We may feel an overwhelming sense of wonder, at one with the Cosmos, or unlimited possibilities.
  • Aries heralds an urge to begin again. We build our strength and resilience. Sometimes, this means breaking new ground as we leave behind the world and habits that led us to create our inner demons in the first place.
  • In Taurus season we learn to enjoy our “new normal.” And the power of love to lead us toward union with something deeper or greater than ourselves.
  • Gemini season reveals the paradox of the journey: we are both divine and human. We do not need to reclaim what we already have, rather simply remember what we always have been.

The next Zodiac sign Cancer holds a special place in the saga. It sits at the end – and the beginning – of the journey. It’s the universal solvent by which creation returns to the One. It’s also the fertile void from which thought emerges into consciousness.

Cancer & Astrology

And now we can begin to understand the secret urges of Cancer, as encoded in its astrological symbolism. Consider these as you contemplate

  • Ruled by the nurturing Moon, Cancer Is the mysterious womb from which all life emerges.
  • As a water sign, Cancer teaches us about our depths -- emotions, instincts, intuitions and other currents hidden in the unconscious recesses of our psyches
  • As a cardinal sign, Cancer’s waters are direct, relentless and unstoppable.
  • Jupiter is exalted here. Jupiter reconnects us with the divine light; it basks in the bright, sunlit days of summer
  • Saturn is in detriment in Cancer. Saturn is cold and dark; he’s uncomfortable in the shortened night and excessive heat.
  • Mars “falls” in Cancer. The summer heat intensifies Mars’ argumentative nature; he seeks out enemies to defend against where none exist.
  • Cancer’s constellation is the Crab, a creature that crawls out of the sea to exist for a time on land. In other myths, it’s linked to the sea or a swamp. In the 3rd century BCE, the Greek poet Aratus called it “donkeys with a manger.”

 Make the Most of a Cancer Horoscope

Cancer’s ruled by the Moon, so the season charges up your lunar side. You’re more likely motivated by instinct and emotion, not logic or intellect. During Cancer season, you may find you want to nest, to den up, feel safe or build barricades.

On a deeper level, there’s a desire to shut out the world and return to Source. But this isn’t something we do by trying or thinking. Only by letting go of our Self do we find Self.

How do you make the best of Cancer season energies? Do things that nourish your animal soul. Create habits that keep your nest comfy, make yummy food, catch up with family and friends. Recharging and laying foundations now will ensure you have the energy you need to move forward gracefully in coming months.